What’s up with the new icon in WhatsApp profile pictures?

What's up with the new icon in WhatsApp profile pictures?

WhatsApp users may be surprised soon. Profile pictures of some contacts and even yours may change soon. The reason for this would be a new function. TECHBOOK reveals what it is.

“Most of what we send doesn’t have to last forever.” With this statement, WhatsApp has introduced a new functionality – probably perfect. The new WhatsApp feature is called “Expired Messages” and helps the sender to send it. The new message he sent will disappear from the chat after seven days. As with other messengers, this function is often called – somewhat defensively – “messages of self-destruction.”

The profile picture indicates change

The new feature will be released gradually in November. So a small circle suddenly appears in the lower right corner of the chat partner’s profile picture. On closer inspection it is a clock symbol.

WhatsApp has announced a new feature. உற்று நோக்கினால் …Photo: WhatsApp
WhatsApp Screenshot
… Recognizes the modified profile picturePhoto: Getty Images

It soon becomes clear what this means. In this chat, the “Running Messages” function is enabled. This means the first content will disappear after seven days. But there are exceptions!

The difference between private and group chats

With the new functionality, irrelevant and thoughtless things will be automatically deleted from the chat just like anything with half a lifetime – shopping list or “I’ll be there!” Or “Come back later, sorry.”

In private chat, each of the two participants can enable or disable current messages. In groups, this is reserved for administrators. The new feature will be available on all devices in November.

You process the messages that run in each chat individually. In the respective chat you can tap the contact name, then “Expired Messages”, then “Next” or “Continue”. Finally you select “On”.

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Not for the secretive

WhatsApp strongly advises against using outdated messages for secrets or the like. Only contact people you trust. This is because they can send outdated messages at any time before they disappear or take a screenshot of them – or of course a photo – to save them.

Addition: When responding on WhatsApp, previously sent message is quoted. In the case of responses to an outdated message, the quoted text may still be in the chat after seven days. Added: If an outdated message is sent to a chat, the outdated message will be turned off and the message will not disappear there.

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At this point you will see the content from Youtube

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Special case of dispatched media

The media sent in the chat will disappear with the respective running news. However, they will be on the device if automatic download is enabled. This function can be turned off under “Settings / Data and Memory Application”.

If a user creates a backup before hiding a message, it will be saved there. She disappears According to WhatsApp However, once he or she retrieves the backup.

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