WhatsApp: Finally here! The new function makes the messenger much sweeter

WhatsApp: Finally here!  The new function makes the messenger much sweeter

Many are waiting for this: WhatsApp finally deletes an event with nervous energy, otherwise causing unpleasant surprises.

  • Share-Powers are only open for one year Dumb.
  • It often caused unpleasant surprises.
  • Now there is a new option.

Munich – Oh, no, how annoying! Annoying experience with Share Have done many things: you have a contact or group Disabled. Unfortunately it works Only one year, not forever. And at some point, after 365 days, it will run Disable From. Suddenly you will be bombarded with news. The cell phone vibrates every minute because the WhatsApp regular schedule, otherwise deliberately set to silent, is inverted.

WhatsApp: New! Chats can always be disabled

WhatsApp is now the solution – with a functionality capable of relaxing: Private and group chats can now be disabled forever instead of one year.

Before: Chats can only be disabled for a maximum of one year.

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Who was previously in contact or in the groupStum“As typed, there were three options: Disable Eight hours, A week Or One year. WhatsApp now has the option of “one year” “Always” exchange. What a feast.

New: Chats can always be disabled.

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WhatsApp: Always disable after update

Among other things, reports on small activity can be very helpful Futurezone.at. In one tz.de test IPhone 6s (see screenshots) This worked: Before the app update, you can only disable it for a year. After a WhatsApp update there was the option of “always”.

Further மிமிகம.அத் Reports on new WhatsApp activity – Many of the options in the relevant Facebook post show that the feature is welcome. A user still has a strange option that some may understand: “It would be nice if you could disable individuals as groups.” Did you already know this function that makes your WhatsApp life easier? (Lynn)

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