WhatsApp Introduces Signal Messages to Attract Users

WhatsApp Introduces Signal Messages to Attract Users

Signal’s instant communication enables a series of platform tests and a series of new functions that should soon be offered to users. Currently in beta, the news will be familiar to any user of the leading site WhatsApp.

We have new wallpapers in the upgrades or Wallpapers Improve the customization of each chat room and you can choose a background for each conversation. In addition, one can define Condition In the signal as well as in WhatsApp.

Signal messages are in beta for Android and iOS

Shout out to all Android and iOS beta participants who will help us test these new features over the weekend so we can start offering them to everyone soon. https://t.co/EaVT7nWbaj

– Signal (ign signal) January 22, 2021

After facing service interruptions due to the high load on the capacity of its servers, Signal overcame technical difficulties in welcoming millions of new users. Now, make sure to switch from WhatsApp to your site with many of the functions we are used to on the Facebook operating system.

Improvements were first detected WABetaInfo And will have many functions similar to those already in WhatsApp. Any purpose of getting to know and correcting users who are dissatisfied with the catastrophic changes in the privacy policy of the dominant site.

7 improvements on the way to the signal

1. First, one can define Specific wallpaper In each chat. This is a simple customization option that is very popular on WhatsApp and similar sites, but not yet available on this service.

The customization in the signal is limited to the choice between light theme and dark theme.

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2. State Updates (Status). Another of the options available on WhatsApp is now status updates on the way to the signal. In practice, you can write on your profile with other options such as “work”, “available”, “free to chat”.

The platform makes some suggestions Condition To the user, but he is free to choose what he wants.

3. Animated stickers. There are many collections of stickers and animated figures to customize platform chats. They will arrive gradually and new packages will be available by signal from time to time. Additionally, users can create their own Drivers Share with friends, family and the people you love.

4. Data storage mode. This is a technological advancement that, when enabled, will automatically download files to a folder and allow them to be defined on the smartphone. Additionally, we have the option to send and share invitations to groups.

5. Group video calls for up to 7 participants. Finally, the signal extends support to up to seven participants in a video call, where only five were allowed to participate.

In short, these are functions we already know from other sites like WhatsApp, but they are now moving towards the signal, now in the testing phase.

Users registered in the beta program can already use them, while others will have to wait until they are available worldwide.

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