WhatsApp: Massive changes are planned – those who disagree will not be able to use the app soon

WhatsApp: Massive changes are planned - those who disagree will not be able to use the app soon

WhatsApp, Germany’s most popular instant ambassador, is planning some drastic changes. These have a great grip on users. Anyone who does not take new functions seriously will be thrown out of use.

  • WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers.
  • The intelligence service will introduce significant changes in 2021.
  • Users will have to accept new features or no longer be able to use the app.

Dublin – WhatsApp is bringing new features and constantly trying to build. However, in the coming 2021, the popular news service is a big one Change Is scheduled. Unlike all previous features, the user must now actively acknowledge the changes – a Compulsory service. So far, users have agreed to the Terms of Use once they have downloaded and installed the app. Through the continued use of the news service, they automatically granted WhatsApp passive permission for all discoveries.

The WhatsApp news service Has become essential for many users. Simple and reliable distribution of messages enables many smartphone users to stay in touch and communicate even when they are away. This service has been provided for a longer period of time than message exchange. You can use WhatsApp to make phone calls, start video conferences and more.

WhatsApp: There is a new function in the corner, which must first be approved by the user

This is a change to the WhatsApp Terms of Use. In February 2021 Innovations need to come into effect. The user is given a choice, it is not really a choice. One agrees New Terms of Use You can use the app and continue to use it, or you can discard it. If you choose the latter, you can actually delete the app directly. It only works with the new Terms of Use. If the user does not act in good time, he may lose access to the application.

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WhatsApp: Messages straight from the server

As WABetaInfo WhatsApp wants to introduce “app notifications” to publicly tweeted users. I.e. intelligence service Information Via messenger directly to users. WhatsApp wants to avoid such technical information New functionSend users. Prior to this, this was mostly what you found out about innovations in WhatsApp mainly through the media. IT-expert Find these types of findings very useful to avoid information leakage.

Like WABetaInfo The new function will only enrich the information and should not be misused for advertising purposes. In addition to the new terms of use, WhatsApp offers many more functions with its latest update. (LP)

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