WhatsApp: Unique Useful Functionality – Once you discover this trick, you can’t do without it

WhatsApp: Hidden useful functionality - once you find it, you can't do without it

Not every WhatsApp user knows this trick – well-hidden functionality makes your chat life easier, without which you would not want to do it anymore.

  • Share Hides a unique feature unknown to everyone.
  • A Important message In one Chat Can Favorite marked Let’s find a flash again.
  • It’s so easy.

Munich – Share Good for different types of communication: for discussing important topics and binding meetings and for long chats. When it gets harder The two are mixed. When you get important information in a chat, it is replaced by a pile of other messages. Because you are chatting or talking about an FC Bayern game.

This can easily happen not only in personal messages, but above all else GroupsThe virtual tongue sits more loosely. So after days or weeks of chat you scroll back to thinking: When did I get the most important message?

A typical example: You make an appointment and then continue chatting – but you forget the date / meeting place until you need it.

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Ours Screenshot Helps to illustrate: An important meeting is suppressed by many messages. When is it? Term? You don’t even want to ask questions.

WhatsApp with a unique function: Mark the message as a favorite

Fortunately, there is one on WhatsApp Well hidden functionNot everyone knows. Once you find it, you can no longer do without: Mark personal messages as favorites!

Mark personal messages as Favorites: Tap them and then select the star – you’ll always find them easily.

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How it works: If you get an important message that you want to find again soon, Hold it with your finger for a long time (One iOs As well as Android). A menu will pop up with the option to bookmark the message Mark star.

The “Mark with a star” function is hidden here.

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WhatsApp: Messages marked as Favorites are stored in touch

If you open a chat with the person or group after days or weeks, click on the name bar above. There you will find the point “Marked with star“. Where all the news about you is hidden as this contact or group favorite.

Suitable for everyone with a bad memory: a list of contacts’ messages marked with a star.

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It’s not possible to find important news quickly any other way – and after arranging an important meeting you can discuss FC Bayern without discussing it or exchange funny GIFs. (Lynn)

List of rubric lists: © screenshot

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