WhatsApp will stop working in 2021

WhatsApp will stop working in 2021

WhatsApp messaging application will stop working on some mobile phones (older models) until January 1, 2021 because operating systems can no longer support WhatsApp.

This way, when this happens, the application will stop and cannot be reinstalled. To fix this (big) problem, you need to update your phone software.

WhatsApp application

WhatsApp is an application for exchanging text messages and voice calls in real time for smartphones. In recent years, this Facebook application has become very popular worldwide, completely free. In addition to text messages, users can send documents, videos, pictures, voice messages and make video calls with friends and / or family. All the user needs is an internet connection (WiFi or mobile data).

Operating system from Apple

All iPhones before iOS 9 are no longer compatible with this app. Incidentally, the iPhone 4 will be the only smartphone with the Apple operating system that will not be able to enjoy WhatsApp. The rest of the latest models can get this app the normal way. But, they need to update the operating system to iOS 9 version.

Android operating system

Version 4.0.3, the most compatible with WhatsApp’s Android operating system, was launched in 2012. All smartphones with older versions can no longer enjoy this app.

The future of the application

This week, users will “feel” the effects of this pause on older phones. The process will be done gradually and is expected to be fully completed by January. Until that moment, security issues and eventually bugs will be fixed.

Do you agree with this approach of the Facebook team? Are you one of those users who can’t enjoy this app?

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