Where to get Microsoft’s next generation console

Where to get Microsoft's next generation console

We had two pre-order snafus for video games that got pretty messed up last week. The PlayStation 5 and RTX 3080 sold out in minutes, leaving many gamers panicked and empty-handed. They could come to mind.

Tomorrow’s Xbox Series X | I hope the S pre-orders get better. Dear readers, we’ve written this buying guide to help you get your hands on the new generation of systems tomorrow morning, when preorders start tomorrow morning.

It contains links to various retailer pages for the Xbox Series X and Series S, but some retailers aren’t able to use the link yet, while others appear to be placeholders. Some have pages for Series X, but not for Series S.

Stay tuned as we will be updating the links section of this post as more information becomes available.

Below the list of retail outlets, we’ve put some helpful tips for anyone looking to pre-order. Being prepared is essential as you will compete with bots and potentially overwhelming servers. That means getting up early if you are on the west coast.

Xbox Series X pre-orders start tomorrow morning | Here’s where you can find S.

Here are retailers in various locations that offer an all-access program (see below for details).

  • USA (8 am PT): Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store and Walmart
  • Australia (8 am AEST): Telstra
  • New Zealand (8AM NZST): flame
  • UK (8AM BST): Games and Smyths Toys
  • Denmark (9AM CEST): Electric giant
  • Finland (9AM CEST): giant
  • Norway (9AM CEST): Electricity purchase
  • Sweden (9AM CEST): Electric giant

Pre-order tips

Nowadays, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your hands on shiny new technologies as they come out, not to mention pre-orders. This has been proven in uncertain terms by the catastrophic pre-order opening Salvos for Nvidia and Sony’s PlayStation 5’s RTX 3080 graphics card, but there are a few ways to better prepare. Especially because we know that pre-orders will start on September 22nd at 8am Pacific Time / 11am Eastern Standard Time.

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Of course, it is possible that the retailer will lift the embargo (although Microsoft has warned of retaliation). Xbox Series X | If you want to get more S consoles, log in earlier to get started. Internet search. The Twitter account you need to follow for game trading is Wario 64. If your pre-order starts earlier than advertised, this account will almost certainly tell you. I’ll be updating it on Tuesday morning with new info, links, and more, so rechecking this post might also help.

If you have an account with these retailers, make sure you’re already signed in before pre-orders begin. Save your payment information and make sure you’re signed in to PayPal if this is your preferred payment method. Some say you should use in-store pickup if it is also available in offline stores. This is because it is potentially more reliable. The only downside to this option is that you have to go to a physical store, which is what many people nowadays try to avoid thanks to COVID-19.

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Make sure you are using the fastest computer you own. In general, online stores think they are more reliable on a computer than on a phone (it is easier and faster to type on a keyboard than on a touch screen), but if your phone is the most reliable device, use it. The site will almost certainly crash or slow down and users want all the benefits they can get (including a fast internet connection).

After that, everyone is lucky. The PS5 sold out within minutes (or faster) at some retailers. This is thanks to resellers who use bots to capture as many consoles as possible and then sell them on eBay and elsewhere for a huge price. Purchasing through Microsoft’s all-access program can be a solution here. It’s also a great deal. With All Access, you can buy Series X for $34.99 per month and Series S for $24.99 per month at a 0% annual rate. This price includes a two-year Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (Game Pass and Xbox Live With Gold bundle) and is typically $14.99 per month.

However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to pre-order your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X prior to release on Tuesday or November 10th. In this case, you can buy it later. To be honest, the best advice I can give most gamers who don’t need the latest and most shiny gear is to wait. Definitely don’t buy from price buyers. There won’t be many release titles justifying the next generation console in 2020. Waiting until 2021 (or beyond) is a completely sensible option.

If you want to buy an Xbox Series S instead of an Xbox Series X here, see my case.

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