White House moves to remove COVID-19 security theaters from airports.

White House moves to remove COVID-19 security theaters from airports.

It is reported that international travelers arriving in the U.S. will no longer receive enhanced health screenings at the airport. Planned policy change, initial report to Yahoo news, It is expected to take effect from September 14th.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) screens travelers from certain countries to the United States. From January When you start reporting someone coming from Wuhan, China, the tests include checking your temperature and checking your symptoms. Travelers are also required to provide information that can be used to track contacts in case of exposure to COVID-19 patients.

The White House actually ordered a change. Yahoo news. US Customs and Border Protection said The Verge To contact the Department of Homeland Security for policy The Verge To the CDC.

Airport screening is designed to catch infected people traveling domestically to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19. them Generally not caught Still, many sick people. Only check temperature People who have been infected with the virus but have not yet developed symptoms or who have no symptoms are not caught. Fever is a common symptom of COVID-19, but some very sick people do not develop it. It is also easily masked by medication. Symptom screening relies on people telling the truth, and again, it does not report people who are asymptomatic or asymptomatic.

In February, U.S. officials sent over 30,000 people at the airport. No one found You are infected with a virus. One analysis We found that airport inspections would miss nearly half of infected travelers. TSA officials confirmed by airport inspection to have fewer than 15 passengers with COVID-19. said CNN.

Catching people at the airport is likely to be most beneficial before the spread of the virus begins in earnest when public health authorities are still trying to stop the spread of the virus. The United States has the most COVID-19 outbreak than any other country in the world. Overseas travelers are at a higher risk of getting the virus in the country than bringing it.

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The reported move to get rid of airport checks is consistent with what the White House thinks about the epidemic. Airport health screening is in many ways security Theater. The government is using it to show the public that it is doing something. Remove them and things seem to be back to normal.

This is consistent with the’invisible, insane’ approach that the Trump administration appears to be dealing with the outbreak of Corona 19 nationwide. Last month official Squeezing the cdc Change your testing recommendations and make sure people without symptoms get tested for COVID-19. Public health recommendations. President Trump has repeatedly falsely stated that fewer tests would lower the case load.

For several monthsAt the time of writing, Trump publicly downplayed the importance of the virus, which killed about 190,000 people in the United States. Behind the doors closed since February, he seemed clear about the dangers of the virus. Newly released interview With reporter Bob Woodward. Trump told Woodward in March that he intentionally minimized the risk. “I always wanted to lower it,” he said a few days after proclaiming a state of emergency. “I still like to play because I don’t want to panic.”

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