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The emergency 911 system was shut down for more than an hour on Monday in cities and cities in 14 US states. Because of the power outage, many news outlets have speculated that the problem was involved. Microsoft‘s azure The web services platform was struggling with widespread disruption at the time. However, several sources tell KrebsOnSecurity about a 911 issue arising from some sort of technical snafo related to: inside and lumenThe two companies, which handle 911 calls together, should expand across the United States.

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On Monday afternoon, September 28, 911 blackouts in various cities and regions, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Reported that it occurred. .

According to several news reports, the outage may be related to Microsoft’s ongoing service outage. However, a spokesperson for the software giant told KrebsOnSecurity, “I haven’t seen any signs that the multi-state 911 outage is the result of yesterday’s Azure service outage.”

Inquiries made through emergency dispatch centers in several towns and cities affected by the 9/11 power outage pointed to other sources. Intrado, based in Omaha, Nevada-until last year Western safety communications — Provides 911 and emergency communications infrastructure, systems and services to telecommunications companies and public safety agencies across the country.

Intrado did not respond to multiple requests for comments. But according to officials in Henderson County, North Carolina, who experienced a 911 failure on its own yesterday, Intrado said the outage was due to problems with an unspecified service provider.

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A statement provided by Intrado to county officials said, “At 4:30 PM MT on September 28, 2020, a 911 service provider observed conditions inside the network, which affected the delivery of 911 calls.” “The impact has been mitigated, service has been restored, and has been confirmed to be operational at 5:47 PM MT. Currently, service providers are working to determine the root cause. “

The service providers mentioned in Intrado’s statement are lumen, Telecommunications company and 911 provider until recently CenturyLink Inc. The appearance of the company Status page Indicates that several Lumen systems experienced a full or partial service outage on Monday. secret and Internal cloud network And its Control system network.

Lumen’s status page indicates that the company’s private and internal network of cloud and control systems were down on Monday or a service outage occurred.

In a statement given to KrebsOnSecurity, Lumen condemned the problem with Intrado.

“At around 4:30 PM MT, some Lumen customers were impacted by a supplier partner event affecting 911 service in AZ, CO, NC, ND, MN, SD and UT.” “Service was restored within an hour and all 911 traffic is now being routed correctly. Vendor partner is investigating the event. “

It may not be a coincidence that these two companies now operate under a new name. This is because this is not the first time that many Americans have blocked 911 access due to problems between the two companies.

In 2019, Intrado/West and CenturyLink agreed to pay $575,000 to settle the investigation. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Discontinued August 2018 Lasted for 65 minutes. The FCC found that it was the result of a West Safety technician messing up configuration changes to the company’s 911 routing network.

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On April 6, 2014, approximately 11 million people across the United States were disconnected from 911 service for eight hours due to a “fully preventable” software failure associated with the Intrado system. The accident affected 81 call dispatch centers, making emergency services unavailable throughout Washington and in North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, and parts of Florida.

According to Washington Post story in 2014 Follow-up investigation and report The issue, announced by the FCC, lies in the way Intrado’s automation system assigns a unique identification code to each incoming call before passing it to the appropriate “public safety response point”. PSAP.

“On April 9th, the software responsible for code allocation exceeded the maximum at the preset limit,” The Post explained. “The counter literally stopped counting 40 million calls. As a result, the routing system stopped receiving new calls, became a bottleneck and a series of failures elsewhere in the 911 infrastructure. “

The FCC found that the Intrado servers that categorized and tracked outages in 2014, plus the outage period, classified them as “low-level” incidents that were not flagged for direct human review.

The FCC fined Intrado and CenturyLink $17.4 million for multi-state outages in 2014. An FCC spokesman declined to comment on the blackout on Monday, but said the agency was investigating the case.

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