WHO launches project with six objectives, which require nearly $ 2 billion – Management Digest

WHO launches project with six objectives, which require nearly $ 2 billion - Management Digest

Launched today, the WHO’s strategic plan to tackle the Govt-19 epidemic has six objectives and a $ 1.96 billion funding requirement, the organization’s director general announced today.

This amounts to $ 1.2 billion per ACT accelerator [iniciativa global de distribuição de vacinas]Tetros Adanom Caprais told a news conference at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva.

According to the same official, $ 643 million will go to people in need of emergency humanitarian assistance in conflict areas.

The 2021 plan was developed last year and focuses on the following objectives: to suppress the spread of the virus that causes COV-19, to reduce the risk of infection, to combat misinformation, to protect the most vulnerable, to reduce mortality and disease, and to accelerate access to new tools, including vaccines, diagnoses and treatments.

The doctor who runs the WHO stressed that the document recognizes the need to integrate the response to Govt-19 in planning health and development programs.

“Funding for the project is not just an investment in response to Govit-19. It is an investment in improving global recovery and infrastructure that will help prevent and mitigate future health emergencies,” he declared.

Tetros recalled that Adonom Caprais had called for action only at the beginning of the year, so that vaccination for health professionals began in the first 100 days of the year in all countries. “Tomorrow (Friday) we have reached half of that period and have made progress, but there is still a lot to be done,” he warned.

“With the approval for the urgent use of two versions of the Astrogenega vaccine this week, Kovacs is ready to distribute the vaccines, and many manufacturers are expected to fulfill their obligations,” he said.

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“We are close to the promise of vaccine equity,” he said, adding that the topic of vaccine equity would be on the agenda of the G7 meeting and conference.

“Tomorrow [sexta-feira] With the support of many organizations and thousands of people, we will be releasing a new announcement, ”said the WHO Director-General.

The announcement was signed by groups of health professionals, international organizations, religious groups, youth and sports movements.

Notice to take action. Political leaders are being asked to increase co-funding for Kovacs and share dosages in parallel with national vaccination programs. Manufacturers are requested to share knowledge with WHO experts to increase the global distribution of vaccines.

The WHO introduced the first strategic plan to control the Govit-19 epidemic a year ago.

“Today, we are proud to launch a strategic plan to combat the disease in 2021,” the official said.

The Govt-19 epidemic has caused at least 2,430,693 deaths worldwide, resulting in more than 109.8 million infections, according to a report released by the French company AFP.

In Portugal, 15,754 people died from 792,829 confirmed infections, according to the Directorate General of Health’s latest bulletin.

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