Who will win the ‘Genius Dog Contest’? Start the competition

Who will win the 'Genius Dog Contest'?  Start the competition

If you are looking for a match where you have to worry about whether the losers will agree, you can try Genius dog competition.

The competition, which runs from 1pm Eastern Time Wednesday to Monday, November 16th, will be televised live, including a science experiment. Facebook And Web light. It will test the world’s six smartest dogs, the ability to find by word of mouth and social media, and to learn the names of new products.

Some dogs, such as the Border Collie, have a reputation for scientific research that shows the ability to memorize words. A member of that race, Chaser, who died recently, Learned more than 1,000 nouns.

Claudia Fugosa, a behavioral researcher who is part of the Family Dog Program at the University of Edwos Laurent in Budapest, is the driving force behind this challenge. Sponsor, of course, Purina.

Dr. Foucault agrees that the title of the competition and the promotion of the event are fun as a way to find the “smartest dog in the world”. Learning the names of many, many objects is an intriguing and confusing skill. Scientists do not know how this relates to finding, storing and breeding a stray dog’s food in Mumbai, or precisely receiving a royal treatment from a loving Maltese owner.

Dr. Foucault became interested in this skill after conducting tests Whiskey, a Border Goalie in Norway, Now learned the names of more than 100 toys without any special training. Dogs from Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Florida and the Netherlands will be part of the whiskey challenge. Although Dr. Foucault claims that other species can make similar achievements, they are all Border Collie.

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However, most dogs are not able to perform such tasks even with extensive training, he said, and his scientific interest is to study more dogs to try to understand the nature of this ability. Even in humans, genius is not properly understood and its origin is controversial, but in animals, it is never recognized.

“We do not know the origin of this exceptional performance. We think dogs are a very good model for reading this,” he said.

Why stream it live? Search for new lessons. The more dogs read, the better the science. “Since we think there may be other dogs like this, we hope to reach a wider audience,” Dr. Foucault said, adding that he hopes their owners will read them as well.

So, if your dog knows the difference, by name, between one failure and another, you should definitely watch the competition. For the rest of us who have enough trouble remembering where any failure is when we need it, it may be a vision of another world. However, this would be scientific, but it is not a puppy bowl.

Also, no matter how clever they are, competitors are not invited to deliver winning or offer speeches, nor can they even know that what they think is a game is really a test and competition. They are dogs, above all.

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