Why did Claire leave’Bachelorette’? ABC Exec reveals the truth.

Why did Claire leave'Bachelorette'?  ABC Exec reveals the truth.

After three pandemic episodes of Dale and Clare Make-Out Show, it’s finally time for Tayshia Adams to appear. In the pool And Her grand celibacy debut. And borrow a few words In Adams’ own quote, She tries to find a fucking husband. Among the new interviews for Viall files Podcast, ABC executive Robert Mills recalled the exact moment when he and his team realized that Crawley was no longer making good TV, which occurred at the end of the episode on Tuesday. “When she didn’t give a rose, she just gave it to herself, that’s all,” Mills said of Crawley. Second group dating. “It really was when we started making calls.” Mills participants Oppose At that point, Crawley and Moss had a strong relationship, but the couple insisted that the season had no unfair and anti-rule advantage. “She swears at her father’s grave,” he said. “They have never said it before.”

In the interview, Mills celibacy The reason for casting Crawley wasn’t because she was “39 ​​years old”, but rather avoided an influencer-centered life that mostly flocked to franchise graduates. For example, she currently works full-time as a hairdresser (and looking at Yelp reviews Looking for a lot Hairdresser) Rarely in Sacramento mattress. “I think Clare is exactly what we thought it was. Clare is unpredictable,” he explained. “She has faded a bit, and when I met her last February it was really attractive to us. She disappeared slightly from the spotlight, she returned to Sacramento, was a hairdresser, and she really said this. I will love it. If not, I know. ‘” Due to a program crash on Election Day, ABC pushed Crawley’s departure episode to next Thursday. Start stockpiling your wine now. For two reasons.

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