Why do people hate Vader’s extra line in’ROTJ’?

There are no changes. star Wars Special edition that fans do not despise. The most often complaining about the original (aka New hope), fans say “One shot first!” They are also talking Darth Vader They don’t shout “no”.

Star Wars has recently been reevaluated several times, saying that the sequel trilogy and the predecessor trilogy have a bad reputation. Fans have recently become more tolerant of George Lucas, but some of his tinkering still rubs fans the wrong way.

What is the change of’The Return of the Jedi’?

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In the 1983 original film, after Luke joins the emperor and refuses to join the dark side, the emperor strikes Luke with force lightning and kills him. Luke cries painfully, begging his father to help him, and Darth Vader at first seems immobile.

After staring at Luke for a while, without saying anything, he lifts the emperor and moves it to the gang and drops it. Vader struck by lightning soon dies.

In the late 1990s, when Lucas was preparing for his prequel trilogy, he decided to change the original trilogy, partly because he wanted to test digital effects, partly because the film didn’t fit him completely.

The changes first appeared in 1997’s theatrical issue, but what baffled fans was that they kept changing each time the film was released in a new format.

When the film was released on Blu-ray in 2011, the emperor’s death went differently. This time Vader says “No” when looking at Luke. Then he picks up the emperor and shouts “No!” He carries him to the shaft. Fans protested that this weakened the power of the moment.

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“No” seemed to have come from that moment. Sith’s Revenge When he heard from the emperor that the newly resurrected Darth Vader had killed his wife Padme. Vader doesn’t suffer there.

How do fans defend Vader’s Line?

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A common dissatisfaction with the added’no’ is that it doesn’t fit Vader’s personality, which fans see as the ultimate villain. Yes, he was eventually arrested, but Vader, shouting “no,” at least made fans unnecessary. But Reddit The thread tries to justify it.

The buzz starter is “My Star Wars Hot Take: Vader” Noo! “If he saves Luke and kills the emperor, nothing is taken from the scene, and honestly it’s a good rhyme for the fall to the Dark Side when he attacked Mace Windu.”

This has to do with the scene from Revenge of the Sith.”

However, one fan wrote that the lack of dialogue made the scene work. “I think the fact that it wasn’t necessary to understand what he was thinking is a reason to omit everything. It’s a great filmmaking to convey Vader’s thoughts with the mask alone.”

Another fan is not “destroying” the scene to me, and the enormous rage against it is a bit silly and still a pretty good scene, but I much prefer the original version. It was a very unnecessary decision. You’ve already been able to get everything you need in the field without that NO.”

Fans forgive George Lucas.

Various special edition changes, including the famous “Maclunkey” addition, continue to confuse fans, but vitriol towards Lucas for these and the prequel trilogy seems to be gone.

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Now fans are back with the idea to thank Lucas, who created Star Wars from the beginning. Even enough to criticize Disney Rejected outline of his proposed sequel.

Another recent Reddit The thread posted an image of Lucas looking down. Mandalorian. Lucas wasn’t directly involved in the show, but fans consider the image to represent Lucas’ redemption.

One wrote:

“I think this image is a moment when George captured his journey back to a happy place. When he was young, after creating revolutionary stories and enjoying glory, he was happy. However, after returning to further build the universe a few years later, he faced severe ridicule and abuse. I had to give up the baby by hand and perhaps retire. However, after a negative backlash (probably happy not to be involved) against the future division, George sincerely invites again from (current creator) to investigate the next chapter of his universe.”

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