Why doesn’t the Patriot Coach yell at James White? Jason McCourty explains.

Why doesn't the Patriot Coach yell at James White?  Jason McCourty explains.

James White’s value for the Patriots was more evident than Sunday night when New England was naturally inactive when New England lost their second week to Seattle Seahawks due to the tragic death of his father Tyrone. Traffic Accident.

The Patriot Pass Catch Running Back generally enjoyed Seattle’s Cover-3 defense, but Rex Burkhead managed just four catches at 47 yards in Week 2. Sony Michel was also targeted, but did not record a reception.

The amount of respect White got around Patriot and the NFL was evident as news came out about White’s defeat on Sunday night. Mourn Even running far away.

Patriots’ corner white Jason McCourty praised his teammate and fellow captain at a video conference Tuesday afternoon, sharing a funny anecdote when the two first became team members.

“I remember talking about him with (attack coordinator Josh) McDaniels and wondering why I didn’t see James yelling at the aggressive side of the ball,” McCourty said. “And I remember what he said. ‘James said something to him on the first day of training camp and remembers the same note you gave him when he arrived at the Super Bowl and he was executed on the spot. ‘And I think it’s a tribute to his consistency as a person.”

There are a lot of sounds at Gillette Stadium. It is certainly saying that White is never on the receiving side.

“I think that’s a tribute to his consistency as a person. That’s how he connects to the other running backroom and the rest of the attack,” McCourty said. “He is a man who is a captain. He’s the leader of our football team, and he’s the one we seek for leadership and leadership in everything we all go through. So I got hurt for him and I know a lot of guys in his locker room think the same thing. And we will try to do everything we can for him, and through this loss we will be there for him.”

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