Will the Xbox Series X be available on Thursdays? Check for restarts on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more

Will the Xbox Series X be available on Thursdays?  Check for restarts on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more

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Attention, Xbox Fans: The $ 500 Xbox Series X. (With $ 300 Xbox Series S, Its less powerful little brother) was officially released on Tuesday, November 10th. World gamers can now buy the new console, claiming that Microsoft has “four times the processing power of the Xbox One”. It provides Backward fit Most of the Xbox One games (all without the Kinect title), and even with some Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles. The problem? Anyone trying to get a new Xbox – or new PS5 – You know, it’s impossible to find them since bookings started in September.

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Unlike Sony, it hosted Launched online for PS5 only, Microsoft stores shelves online and in stores. But when you look at the Internet and brick and mortar stores for inventory, your expectations are dashed: they are nowhere to be found, and it does not seem to be getting any better: Microsoft says it all Xbox inventory will remain tight until April 2021.

With one exception, namely: Walmart, the retailer that uses Twitter for these kinds of things, tweeted that inventory will be available on Thursday, November 19th.

Our friends Gamespot was able to fill in some additional details. According to GameSpot, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available on Thursday. As the tweet says, it will only be online and you have to wait in your browser 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET Try to snatch a console of your own.

Of course, Walmart seems to be selling out very quickly, and we expect to see the same kind of website instability that Walmart experienced on launch day. If you want an Xbox, this is the last chance you got before Black Friday.

If you still want to try your luck, here is the main list Retailers selling Xbox Series X. Our advice is to seek retail 500 retail price, And avoid those expensive retailer bundles (which include external controllers, accessories and games).

Best Buy was the last retailer in the early days of September, but now your Xbox Series X is ready to buy.

Amazon sells the Xbox Series X and the lower priced Series S from the same product page.

Walmart does a solid job of specifying the available windows for its PS5 and Xbox Twitter feed, Which indicates that consoles are currently available Thursday, November 19th In 12 PM PT / 3 pm ET.

You may also want to visit retailers Xbox landing page For both new consoles.

Gamestop was touted “Very limited number of purchases of Xbox Series X and S console bundles” but they are currently on sale.

This is the target product page for Xbox Series X.

You can buy the Xbox Series X in New Zealand while the retailer is in stock.

If you want to get the latest on the Xbox Series X, there is nowhere else than Microsoft’s own Xbox Series X homepage. Here you can find the latest specifications, announced game titles, details of the new controller and more.

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The Xbox Series X and Series S are well designed and streamlined …


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