Windows 10: Get ready for many new features!

Windows 10 January 2021 Update: Check out what changes!

Windows 10 constantly integrates the control panel and has the same setup application as we know with Windows 8. Although it is powerful and allows some customization, it is still necessary to use the control panel to change some options.

Windows 10: Get ready for many new features!

Like the control panel, Windows 10 systems use is divided into several categories. Computer, devices, customization etc. So you can click on those categories to find the options you want. Additionally, you can use the search at the top of the window to quickly find what you are looking for.

If we take into account the resources now and in the latest preview versions, it seems Microsoft I want to change this. As mentioned it works on new features for systems application Site Windows is the latest.

Microsoft is focusing more on Windows 10. In the Settings field it moves the Control Panel pages to the Settings application, which can be confusing for some.

To speed up the migration process and make things easier, Windows 10 will introduce a new section, which reveals something new. So, people will soon know which systems have migrated from the control panel. Thus, moved pages can be found very easily.

But in addition, Microsoft will reduce the confusion on the definition pages by linking some pages. For example, power and battery settings are placed on one side.

Windows 10 settings

However, the same page will allow you to change the sleep settings.

But there is another novelty in terms of definitions. In practice, this is one of the easiest to ever configure, webcam.

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Windows 10 settings

To solve this problem, Microsoft is testing a new dedicated page, which will be the control center of the webcam. This page lists all available cameras and allows you to adjust some details such as brightness and contrast.

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