Windows 10: New Design Taskbar Revealed!

Windows 10: New Design Taskbar Revealed!

A month later Microsoft began experimenting with new features in Windows 10. Now Microsoft will bring a new function called News and Interests to the taskbar in Windows 10 21 H2 Built 21286. This means that we can quickly access the message in a few clicks.

Windows 10: New taskbar revealed Design!

New News and Interests functionality works on top of Windows and Cortana search. So you need to make personalized content available to each user.

Feed can be accessed by hovering over the weather icon on the taskbar. It must be enabled in Windows 10. However, you cannot remove the news feed. Not even fully disabled. All because it is rooted in the system.

Meanwhile, the new taskbar provides access to dynamic content. This is done whenever the mouse is over an icon. But there is more news. You can choose to hide weather information. Or use the small icon to access the feed. You can also remove the icon.

Microsoft says users can browse the feed to see key highlights on popular topics. They are sports, climate, entertainment, politics and so on. However, if you do not like the current feed, you can open MSN and change your content preferences.

You do not need a Microsoft account to use this service, but it is recommended for better experience.

Windows 10 Menu

However, you can customize your content preferences by clicking the three-point button as the site suggests Windows is the latest. For example, you can choose “more stories like this” or “fewer stories like this”. It’s like Google News. You can quickly close the message box and click the ‘x’ button to block all content from a particular editor.

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Additionally, you can use an emoji to react to stories.

This innovation is in development. So Microsoft is testing seven variants that can change the interface, feed and animations.

Now it is time to wait for this innovation to reach Windows.

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