Windows 10X is coming to smartphones! Is Android at risk?

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While it’s true that Microsoft already exists around the world of smartphones, it hasn’t gone so well. Windows Phone is not a good operating system because it is. The point is, it’s very difficult to compete with Android. Now that Redmond Agent is getting ready to launch Windows 10X, the story may be different, although it is basically targeting other devices, I was able to see it running in a fantastic way on smartphones. Now, even though Microsoft does not directly compete with the new operating system Android, can it turn Windows 10X into a serious adversary?

Windows 10X is coming to smartphones! Is Android at risk?

Microsoft Vision for Windows is to create an operating system that is compatible with all devices. The project was initially called Andromeda OS and is said to have focused on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Plans changed in 2018 when the idea of ​​an operating system with a greater focus on mobile devices was placed in the drawer and it was decided to bring Android to the Surface Duo.

However, Microsoft later began to focus on Windows 10X, which was based on the modular Windows Core OS.

So far we have seen the video of the almost final version of Windows 10X running on Surface Pro 7 Programmers I was able to take it to the Lumia 950 XL and it works well.

Of course, some small touches are still needed. However, experience confirms that Windows 10X Modifying Also specified for any screen and contact forms of each device Windows is the latest.

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Windows 10X smartphones

The idea is to have something that really works everywhere, which seems to be accomplished.

The strange thing is that without Microsoft thinking about it, it will start stealing users on Android. I think primarily about business users. Is this possible? There are successes that come by accident!

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