Witches on TikTok have evidently tried using to ‘hex’ the moon

Witches on TikTok have apparently tried to 'hex' the moon

In spite of promises to the contrary, the moon is the same as it constantly is.

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If you’ve got ever swiped through your TikTok “For You” website page and caught a glimpse of an ethereal searching human being surrounded by candles, crystals or crops, likelihood are you have had a brush with WitchTok. With more than two billion TikToks bearing the WitchTok hashtag, it really is an ever more popular corner of the world-wide-web. But as with all specialized niche pursuits, some persons acquire it far too much.

WitchTok is now one particular of the farthest-achieving communities on TikTok — spanning not just the world, but now allegedly even the Milky Way. All for the reason that a little, anonymous contingent of beginner — or “newborn” — witches claim they have, *checks notes*, hexed the moon.

On any other working day, WitchTok facilities primarily on witchcraft, manifestation, worship of numerous deities and astrology, celebrating all items magical via joke-based articles and healthful tips. Now, having said that? Mass anger and outrage.

Fellow WitchTok users have flocked to many social media platforms to talk about what transpired and whether there is certainly the probable for any fallout from the “incident,” with the bulk of the broader community expressing stress.

Twitter user @heyyadoraa posted a thread documenting what had transpired for everyone not acquainted with WitchTok and from there the story went, very well… bonkers.

Now, scientifically talking, is the moon wonderful? Sure. In no way in doubt. Even the bulk of WitchTok itself freely admits that the moon is high-quality. WitchTok user @thatonebluntwitch claimed in a TikTok, “I think they’re far more mad at the audacity of these idiots that would want to hex the moon or anything similar to nature, mainly because that is a sacred factor in witchcraft.”

Sure, it’s a essential component of some thing that WitchTokkers keep pricey, so of program they’re upset. Irrespective of whether you think in it or not, it’s an easy to understand reaction. But as considerably as individuals might believe that in the power of hexes and damaging electricity, the moon is the very same as it usually is — and no quantity of incantations or intentions will transform that. 

According to Dr. Alice Gorman, a senior lecturer in place archaeology at Flinders College, Australia, “In truth, you know the moon isn’t really likely to tumble out of the sky, tides usually are not heading to end taking place. It will not likely turn blue or green, but it does show that there are frequently new approaches that people today obtain emotional connection to the moon.”

Cultural and social belief has ability, so if individuals are certain that the clear hexing may perhaps have an impact on their life, it extremely very well may possibly — not for the reason that their deities are angered or the moon is mad, but since of self-satisfying prophecy and confirmation bias.

It really is also critical to try to remember that a whole lot of the allegations are anonymous and lacking in any evidence apart from a Reddit thread “calling out” four anonymous child witches, so increase a different grain of salt to the pile.

But if you happen to be nervous that the little one witches of TikTok have thrown a thing off with their hex, never anxiety. 2020 has been complicated more than enough without the need of incorporating an angry moon to it.

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