With an effective curfew order, France is preparing a new prison

With an effective curfew order, France is preparing a new prison
“Clearly, the effectiveness of the curfew order at 6pm is declining and not enough to change the virus”, Said Oliver Warren this Thursday.

At a press conference on the epidemiological situation in the country, the health minister promised that new drastic measures, including a third public prison, would be announced in the coming days.

According to Oliver Warren, The virus spread “fast every week”, Despite the implementation of a compulsory curfew order in the national territory for ten days.

“It simply came to our notice thenHe said, recalling about “20,000 positive cases are diagnosed every day” – The number increases by an average of ten per cent each week.

This is mainly a new variant of Surs-Cove-2, which is considered highly contagious, which will increase the fear of the authorities. Warren confirmed that strains from the UK and South Africa are already actively circulating in France, and that the number of patients affected by these variants has increased from an average of 500 cases a day in early January. More than two thousand in the last few days.

“We consider these new strains to be new viruses. We must prevent an infection from spreading within.”, Sissy Veron. These strains “lead us to a stronger epidemic than ever before”, Warned the health minister.

What we want to avoid is a new epidemic that is not yet truly found in France, but everything leads to the belief that if we do nothing it will be a very fast and difficult reality. “.

High stress health systems

“The pressure on health systems and the hospital has increased again,” the minister revealed.

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“In the last two weeks, there have been more severe cases than those who can be discharged from the hospital.” He revealed that an average of 250 patients are admitted to intensive care each day.

Veeran said about 60 per cent of the beds in the intensive care units are occupied by Govt-19 patients and to continue, French hospitals should start transferring patients to other countries.

On Wednesday, France recorded an additional 26,916 epidemics, with more than 27,000 hospital admissions – 3,107 patients admitted to the hospital for intensive care, which is similar to the pre-prison period in France.

“We must continue. (…) All measures necessary for relief, peace and security were in place and will be taken”, he said. Oliver Warren finished.

In the coming days, French Prime Minister Jean Costex will meet with community partners and political groups to find a consensus on the fight against Govt-19.

In a situation of very severe imprisonment, schools may be closed, which worries parents, teachers and pediatricians that the latter will go to school “without having an impact on the mental and social health of the children” according to the French pediatrician community.

As of Wednesday, 74,106 people had died in France, and 3,079,943 positive cases had already been confirmed.

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