Wonder Woman 1984 Opening at Imax: Watch a clip

Wonder Woman 1984 Opening at Imax: Watch a clip

Young Diana (Lily Aspel) competes in Wonder Woman 1984 in Themiscra

Young Diana (Lily Aspel) competes in Demiscra Wonder Woman 1984.
Photo: Warner Bros.

True Get a chance to see people Wonder Woman 1984 All This year Very good. But it is That is unfortunate Most of those people would never see it in a theater, Because Director Grandma Jenkins And his crew made everything consistently a great, theatrical experience.

This is clear from a new feature released by Imax. Jenkins is not alone Wonder Woman 1984 In the film, he filmed scenes on Imax. பொருள், If it is 2019 Everyone was safe and you could go to an IMAX theater and see Wonder Woman 1984 In the famous Imax program. It’s a shame that it’s not possible now — I Lucky enough to see the movie Already, And dHis opening is stunning. Five years on the road, I would pay to see the first 10 minutes back on Imax. It sounds great.

You will get a better view of the scene, And a lot of talk about the power of Imax from Jenkins and star Cal Kot is in the feature below.

Wonder Woman 1984 Hits select theaters and HBO Max on December 25th.

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