World Bank opens $ 30 million for Sao Tome and Principe

World Bank opens $ 30 million for Sao Tome and Principe

“eWe’re talking about 30 million now, “said Jen.Christoph Cart, What Effect A few days visit to Sao Tome, Prime Minister George W. Bush met Jesus today.

During the one-hour meeting, the two parties “acquired the partnership between the World Bank and the government” and reviewed its progress. Projects Ongoing rehabilitation of the Rio Contador Dam, National Road No. 1, as well as financial assistance provided by the Bank to the Government in 2020 to “mitigate the effects of the crisis” Govt-19 “.

World Bank assistance Department Health, Security Social and major economic stabilization were among the topics of conversation with the CEOtomense.

“We’re talking about Opportunities Solve problems Current Country and face Direction The partnership between Sao Tome and Principe and the World Bank is likely to continue over the next five years. “Christoph Cart.

Two “big Features“It was also discussed at the meeting between the newcomers Director There was an energy shift in banking operations and Prime Minister Sao Tome and Principe, which included the progressive conversion of fossil fuels into renewable energies and investment in human capital.

“The future of the whole country lies in the ability to train people to use new technology,” he explained Cart, Insists this year Reflect In increasing funding Security “It simply came to our notice then Action Economic “.

The World Bank also works closely with health officialstomenses About one Project “Support for the central bank, which aims to consolidate the system Department Modernization of banking and payment system “.

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Just-Christoph Cart He also said that his company was working with Prime Minister George W. Bush on “a new reform program that can be funded through budget support.”

The World Bank has promised the governmenttomense This will finance the purchase of vaccines Govt-19.

“We responded positively to the government’s request to fund the vaccination campaign Govt-19 “, the officer said,” The Project It is still under consideration and will be completed in a few months. “

On Jean’s agenda-Christoph Cart Meetings with various government agenciestomense, Including Oswaldo Vaz, Minister of Planning, Finance and Blue Economy.

Meetings are also planned Fields Minister with Projects Funded by the World Bank.

Jean-Christoph Cart, Of French descent, undertook a field trip to check on progress Projects Expansion Coastal, National Road N.º1 and Central Water e Condor, all funded by the company.

The visit comes at a time when the World Bank is increasing its support Live In response to a request from the government of Sவோo Tom and Prசிncipe regarding social and economic impacts International spread of Govt-19.

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