World Economic Forum mocks CLIMATE CHANGE ON VENUS – RT World News

World Economic Forum mocks CLIMATE CHANGE ON VENUS - RT World News

When it comes to the fight against climate change, the Bofins at the World Economic Forum think we can learn from the planet Venus that has distorted its seas and mild climate. That’s all, and no one in Venus drives a car.

“We can learn a lot about climate change from our sister planet Venus.” Read on Article This week on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website. According to the post, New Scientific Modeling, for most of its history, has revealed that Venus is just as hot as today’s Earth, with surface temperatures, such as oceans, rain, and even ice.

They all changed when a series of volcanic eruptions poured enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, turning the planet into an annoying, uninhabitable wasteland today.

The WEF article warns that massive volcanic eruptions on Earth every 20 to 30 million years could do the same to our planet, permanently transforming our planet into something that fossil fuel consumption could never do.

That is not to say that man-made climate change does not exist here on Earth – unlike Venus, we firmly believe that it can live (and inhabit) for some time.

But such predictions undermine the WEF’s argument that for an army of apocalyptic, and online commentators, humanity must urgently move to a zero carbon economy to sustain global warming – the latter part of the corona virus’.Better resetIn politics the organization and its supporters were imagined.

“If only Planet Venus had asked a definite teenage teen,” Conservative scholar Stephen Miller tweeted in an open note about Swedish climate campaigner Greta Tunberg, who dominated last week’s crusade against fossil fuels headlines.

While catastrophic volcanic eruptions may override any carbon tax, vehicle ban or ‘Green New Deal’ passed on Earth, the WEF’s article does not rule out the effects of man – made climate change – it simply does not.

For that to happen, WEF already has its eyes on the moon, and Predicts a ‘Gold Rush’ In the coming decades, companies and governments began to remove the barren space rock of its precious thorium, uranium and helium.

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