Wrestler: Stealing horses, blowing objects and driving medieval madness

Wrestler: Stealing horses, blowing objects and driving medieval madness

Car theft is in the 21st century. It’s time to get back to the basics, clear the horse, throw the cows towards the enemy, and enjoy the hilarious, wacky medieval life that everyone deserves. Modus Games today announced an alliance with Jutsu Games and games operators. As part of this, Wrestler will appear in early access on Steam in early 2021. Medieval chaos Wishlist To be included.

You can find out more about Wrestler playing Alpha here

In Wrestler, players slip into the bandit, hero anti-arm, main prize and princess arm with the determination to win the Grand Match. Maybe one or two horses were stolen and a few were killed here and there? May be! One thing is certain though: players must be creative and shy to win the Grand Tournament.


  • Grand Theft Horse: Destroy a medieval world inspired by the classic GTA game.
  • Wear the crown: As a poor citizen, you have to get creative to win the Grand competition. Create unusual alliances, overcome enemies and dig up dinosaur skeletons (because, why not?).
  • A middle ageSandbox: How you progress is yours. Use your time to complete quests, wreak havoc, and have fun at the expense of others!
  • Do a lot of bullshit: Shoot the cows in the sky, drag the neighbor through the dirt, throw holy grenades or bring fancy pictures plow on the field.
  • Minister of Power: Appoint a music companion to play the parts you like and add more powerful soundtracks to your adventures.

Players must saddle to cope with the tasks of the Grand Tournament, to intimidate people, shoot cows into the sky, and wreak havoc in 2021 as an interim traitor. Wrestler: The preface is already over Free on steam Have to try.

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You can find more news about Wrestler and the complete Modus Games series modusgames.com, On the officer Modus-Discord-Server And Twitter (Ood modus_games). To interact with Rustler’s developers and players, there is one Wrestler Discord-Server.

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