WWE SmackDown Results, Summary, Rating: Uneasy Roman Reigns and Jey Uso Alliance, Bayley, Sasha Banks Attack

WWE SmackDown Results, Summary, Rating: Uneasy Roman Reigns and Jey Uso Alliance, Bayley, Sasha Banks Attack

With a little less than two weeks left until the Clash of Champions, WWE SmackDown has returned to ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando. At the main event, Jey Uso re-teamed with his cousin and his cousin Roman Reigns, whom he will face for the Universal Championship on September 27 at Paid City Hall.

Uso and Reigns faced King Corbin and Sheamus in a rematch of the tag match last week. This time it was a match that competed under the Samoan Street Fight rules. The match was short and confusing, but Uso and Reigns were victorious before a tense celebration that seemed to be able to go south at any moment, but the show stopped broadcasting before it completely withered in front of the family.

CBS Sports has been with you all night on Friday, bringing summaries and highlights of the night’s actions. Read on to find out everything that happened 9 days before the Clash of Champions.

Tensions rise between Roman rule and Jey Uso.

Uso said in an early show interview that Paul Heyman showed up late in the tag game last week that Reigns was “miscommunicating” and he was willing to believe it. Uso said it was focused on tag matches, not Clash of Champions and Reigns’ Universal Championship matches next Sunday. Late in the show, Sheamus and Corbin were talking behind the scenes when the same security guard who installed the Big E two weeks ago told Sheamus that his car was being towed. Big E attacked Sheamus, then ended up hitting the guards in the trunk by hitting the belly button through the car windshield before Adam Pearce tells Big E that he should leave the building.

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Roman Reigns & Jey Uso def. King Corbin & Sheamus via Pinfall After Uso hits Corbin with Uso Splash. Reigns stopped the in-ring promotion by simply saying, “This is my yard, my island, my ring, my WWE. Come and take it if you want.” before the match started. During the match, Corbin and Sheamus eliminated Reings and drove Uso through the table with a double power bomb, but Uso was able to kick out. As the chaos intensified, Uso hit Corbin with a universal championship belt, and Reigns was able to spear off the top rope and hit the spear before getting a pin. Reigns was clearly annoyed about Uso “stealing” the pins as Reigns did last week. Uso laughed before throwing it into the Rains, celebrating the title before the two gave a hug. Uso walked up the ramp to celebrate when Reigns remained in the ring, and as the show stopped airing, his smile turned into a frown.

Reigns’ character work was fantastic after the match. The complex relationship between Reigns and WWE fans often depends on him not being real. Now, during his heel run, Reigns is amplifying it by becoming a fake with his relatives ahead of Uso’s first shot in the singles championship. There isn’t much drama about the outcome of the Clash of Champions match between the two, but the way these little feuds build Reigns’ new personality is of high value for the promotion. And now Reigns is doing a great job. Most of the matches were disposable. Street fights are easy chaos, but it didn’t matter that much. Nonetheless, the segment did his job and the ultimate cruelty to Reigns’ cousin should be fun. Grade: B

Bayley attacks Sasha Banks again.

Sasha Banks made their first speech after Bayley’s attack. Banks said the SmackDown champion heard Bayley’s promotion, saying Bayley was no longer of no use to her. Sitting at the WWE Performance Center, Banks talked about the full promo takeover, how to walk around the hall and we were able to get along before we started crying.

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Then Banks was naive and stupid for not realizing that Bayley had nothing without a partnership before saying that Bayley would one day come for Bayley’s SmackDown title. At that point, Bayley attacked Banks from behind with a steel chair. After removing the neck brace from Banks, Bayley stepped back as WWE officials rushed to the scene to take care of the Banks.

Banks’ promotions didn’t have much to use at home, and most of them recounted what Bayley said, but distorted the champion’s words from the perspective of his ex-best friend. Bailey did a great job of adding a bit of an edge to Bailey’s personality as she attacked again with an already wounded bank. Bayley is no longer just a cheeky hill champion, but a frightening personality. The program took a long time, but the price was good for two weeks in a row. Grade: B-

What else happened at WWE Raw?

  • Miz and John Morrison started the show with The Dirt Sheet. After discussing the various things planned for the show, Miz started joking about Mandy Rose being traded with Raw. I had fun at Otis until heavy equipment came in and got rid of both. Otis hit Caterpillar and watered Miz. Before removing Mizu’s underwear, Miz was interviewed backstage, saying the situation was part of the plan. He answered the phone, asked if it was “good enough,” and hung up with a smile. That night, it turned out that Miz and Morrison were suing Otis unless they gave up their Money in the Bank contract.

  • Cesaro def. Gran Metalik via Pinfall After hitting the neutralizer. The rest of the Lucha House Party were kicked off the field early in the match, and Kalisto and Lince Dorado provided conflicting advice to Metalik. The slow build for the breakup of the Lucha House Party continues.

  • Nikki Cross Def. Lacey Evans via Pinfall After the hanging neck destroyer. Before the match, Evans stopped talking about Cross and Alexa Bliss’ A Moment of Bliss last week via Bliss’ sister Abigail. During the match, Kroos sprayed hand sanitizer in Kroos’s eyes in front of the referee, which was just a warning, but Kroos could still secure victory. When Evans was frightened by the Announcement table, Bliss’ look went blank and she hit Evans with Sister Abigail.

  • AJ style definition. Sami Jane through Finfall School boy with pin. Zayn fixed Styles, but was caught holding Styles’ tights. The style was good, but it wasn’t caught and won. When Zayn demanded that the match be “still champion” because the match was “untitled”, Jeff Hardy ran to the ring side, pulled out both Styles and Zayn, and pulled out a table, ladder and chair from under the ring. He climbed the ladder, but Zayn rolled out of the ring. Hardy said he was tired of what he called cheats and scams before challenging a ladder match against the two in Clash of Champions.

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