WWE TLC: Kevin Owens Vs. Roman Reign (DLC competition for WWE Universal title)

WWE TLC: Kevin Owens Vs.  Roman Reign (DLC competition for WWE Universal title)

DLC match for WWE Universal title: Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reign

We go back to the ring and see the area full of tables, ladders and chairs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns walked out first with Paul Heyman. The curves show curves when the pyro is turned off. Reins enters the ring and the pyro is turned off. He hands the title belt to the referee, which is raised above the ring.

Owens suddenly strikes Reynolds as the belt is raised above. Owens destroys the rule and sends him into a corner. Owens with a cannonball in a large corner. Owens brings it to the ground and starts to block Reines, then delivers another cannonball as the fans continue to go wild for him. Owens drops rule the ground again, then strikes a large frog from the apron. Rules the gases for air.

Owens comes in again, but here comes Jay Usho attacking. Owens is ready for hm. Steel loop steps and a chair operate on the ring side. Jays Owens with chair shots to take him out. Owens with another chair fired at Raines while he was downstairs. Jay strikes Owens again, but a large chair sends him down with a super kick in the middle of his shot. Jay Owens with high chair shots. Owens puts the chair on Jane’s ankle and stumbles over it, taking him out.

Owens holds control until a large drive is nailed to the shield. Reins takes the announcement table upstairs and runs it while Owens is downstairs. We see Jay being helped behind the scenes by the authorities. Reynolds comes half a step up and drives twice into Owens’ face. Owens runs the steps several times while downstairs. There is chaos throughout the Ringside area and Heyman is shocked to see even more brutality.

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They bring it up, and Reynolds pushes a mini ladder into the oven. Owens tries to fight back, but Reins pushes the ladder into him even when he’s down. Reins brings the chairs inside and uses them. Owens tries to dance to the chair while downstairs, but Reynolds shoots more chair shots into him. Owens comes to his feet and they trade the shots. Owens can’t be shrugged off because Owens is fighting. Reynolds blocks Owens and turns him over to the two chairs facing each other. Owens throws back to the ground.

Reins starts to climb a ladder, but Owens takes him back with chair shots. Owens stands up on a chair and rules over it with a fisherman’s suplex. Reins spins in pain, and Homan can’t believe it. Owens talks some junk as the fans cheer. Owens now climbs to the title and tops the list. Jay runs back inside and pulls Owens. Owens fights back, but here he rules with a Superman punch. Yuso stops one table at the ring site and slides the other to the region. Reins pushes a tall ladder into a corner. Reins pulls out the legs of one table and tilts that table into another corner.

Jay is in the ring now. Reynolds kicks Owens from Uso, but Owens fights them both. A super kick to Osho and a stunner to the rule. Both Rule and Uso roll on the floor on their backs. Owens slowly places a ladder under the title. Uso pulls Owens to the ground and fights with him, but Owens gets over. Owens puts Uzo by the announcement table with a huge pop-up powerpom. Owens buries Uzo under a trash can.

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Owens comes back inside and goes to the title. He touches the title, but Reynolds runs up and stops him. The rule goes up when trading footage. Reynolds pulls Owens off the ladder and punches him. Reynolds grabs a supercar and power bombs on a mini ladder placed in the corner of the oven. Reins then lifts Owens and slaps him back on the ladder. They both end up on the floor, with Owens on his back. Owens Sockslams Owens have two chairs across a table.

Ringside continues to dominate. Reynolds puts Owens through another table with a large Samoan drop. Reins takes his time to get back into the ring. Reins climbs to the top of the title, but here comes Owens, unable to stand, unable to catch the ladder with one hand. Reynolds laughs at Owens, unable to believe he is still struggling. Reynolds comes down the ladder and talks some rubbish, circling the oven. A large slap oven to the face. Raines responds by nailing an aggressive spear through a table leaning on the apron. Owens exited, and Reynolds grabbed his shoulder.

Owens pulls away from the table debris in the corner and falls to the floor on the ringside. Reines goes out and delivers a large spear, but Owens moves and Reines crashes through the barrier. Owens goes back inside and begins to pull himself up the ladder. Reynolds pulls him down and sends him up the ladder, knocking on the ropes. Owens rules to surprise two super kicks. Owens goes for a pop-up powerpom, but Reins hits a Superman punch. Owens tries again, this time placing Reese through a table with a pop-up powerpom. The rule will stumble on the ground.

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Owens climbs to the title, but here comes Uzo. Owens fights with him and takes him out with a stunner. Owens climbs back up and holds fingers in the title, but here comes the rule. Rules with low footing. The shouts of the fans now rule with guillotine at the top of the ladder. Reines goes and Owens falls to the ground. Reins finally regains the title of winner.

Conqueror: Roman rule

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