WWE2K Battlefields and Detroit: No Man Now PS No – Recorded Gaming

WWE2K Battlefields and Detroit: No Man Now PS No - Recorded Gaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Announces Call of Duty: Black Ops III, WWE2K Battlefields and Detroit: Be Man to PlayStation Now (PS Now) Game Schedule.

All three titles are already available, thus adding to the PlayStation ® streaming video game subscription list, and 700 already available on the PlayStation ® 5, DualShock ®4 on Windows PC and the rest on PS4 ™, PS3 ™ or PS2 on * Titles, including bestsellers, PlayStation ® exclusives, whole family adventures and independent games.

The PlayStation is now a pioneer cloud game subscription service, available from both regular outlets and the PlayStation Store:

99 9.99 per month;

Quarterly. 24.99;

Per year. 59.99;

Anyone who does not have an active PlayStation ™ can now subscribe and enjoy these topics for free, including those who have already experienced the 7 day trial service. To do so, download or re-download the 7-day trial period ** available on the PlayStation Store.

This month, Call of Duty: Black Ops III (the complete basic game) is coming to PlayStation ™. This means that from today until April 29, soldiers will have the opportunity to explore the dark future, in a world where the boundary between humanity and technology has been created, where war is defined by avant-garde military robots.

Call of Duty: In addition to Black Ops III, this month, the PlayStation ™ title WWE 2K Battlefields is now on the list, challenging players to compete with special skills and powers in Steel Cage, Royal Rumble-style challenges and more. . Other than that, this exciting action game allows you to play the new story mode told by the original comic strips in the company of Paul Heyman and Stone Gold Steve Austin, and open up characters and fields to find the next WWE superstars. Unique wars.

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But the news does not stop there, this month, Detroit: Man’s entry on PlayStation may take ™ Now the table stands alone. This means that in February, players will have the opportunity to enter the future of Detroit in 2038, which was revived by the development of capable Androids that are only available to serve humans. But all this is about to change. In this neo-noir thriller, where Androids are free from the shackles of their programming and full of twists and turns trying to capture their freedom, players have to make choices that can change the end of the story.

In addition to the previously mentioned titles, the following titles are now on the PlayStation விளையாட்டு game list: Dark Siders Genesis, Little Nightmares and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

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