Xbox Live Gold subscribers have two new free games on Series X and Xbox One

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have two new free games on Series X and Xbox One


Xbox Series X and Xbox One have two new free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to download. Unfortunately, for brand new Series X or Series S owners, neither game is the next-gen experience, but one is the Xbox One game, the other is the Xbox 360 game, both of which can be played on the Series X and Series via backward compatibility.

More specifically, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now download both Lego Indiana Jones And Swimming, But only for a limited time. The former is free until November 30, and the latter is actually free until December 15. After each of these dates, each game will return to their normal prices. Once downloaded, both games are a permanent addition to your library as long as you maintain an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which you must access.

Below, you can read more about both games, as well as watch trailers for the pair:

Lego India Jones: “Build your way out of trouble, fight, fight! Play through three classic Indiana Jones movies and update your favorite indie adventures in the world on the cheek of Lego. Explore and discover – war enemies, the greatest treasures of the world.”

Swimming: “Swimsuit! A multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed co-op and versus gameplay modes, all supported by online and local plays. You play as our hero mobo who uses a variety of unique power-ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic life.”

As mentioned, these games are only available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. All other Xbox Series X, Xbox Series and Xbox One players must pay the full price.

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