Xbox Series X | S Xbox One gets FBS boost functionality to enhance the selection structure of games

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Players who own the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X can now enjoy the new FPS Boost feature in a selection of several works originally released on the Xbox One. The news was released on Xbox Wire.

The first Xbox One titles to use this feature were Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, E.A. It was revealed that the sports include UFC4 and Watch Docs. In the case of the new Super Lucky’s Tale, performance was upgraded to 120 frames per second; UFC is over 60 frames per 4 seconds.

Xbox naturally claims to have more games framerate Updated by functionality in the coming months. Future software updates will include new menu icons and system settings to make it easier to turn FPS Boost on and off in the section where you manage a particular game.

Another innovation that makes a new indicator work when running compatible work with the feature is that it works similarly to the Auto HDR indicator already available in compatible video games.

FBS Boost can now be enabled on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, until you try one of the default works mentioned above.

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