Xi Jinping highlights the unstable growth of the Sea-Russia federation

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said China is ready to work with Russia to promote a comprehensive strategic coordination federation for a new era between the two countries, carrying out the respective development and revival processes; And make greater contributions to the creation of a new kind of international relations and a community with a common future for mankind.

Xi made the remarks in a telephone conversation with his Russian envoy, Vladimir Putin, during which the two heads of state exchanged New Year greetings and wished the people of both countries a Happy New Year.

Noting that 2020 will be an extraordinary year for China, Russia and the world, G, Kovit stressed that the outbreak of the 19th Amendment poses an unprecedented challenge to the lives and safety of mankind and has dealt a severe blow to the world economy.

True gold can withstand the test of fire, and this difficult period exemplifies the unique strength and great value of Sino-Russian relations.

Both sides, Shi mentioned, have relied on overcoming the current challenges and have continued to do so on issues related to the central interests of each side, which has demonstrated a high level of mutual trust and friendship between the two.

The two countries took an active lead in international cooperation against Covit-19, smoothly promoting coordination between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union, and jointly celebrated the 75th anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist world war and the foundation of the United Nations.

G said they had played a key role within Group 20, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and multilateral structures such as the BRICS, and were a key basis for safeguarding international equality and justice and adhering to diversity.

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The Chinese President stressed that the concept of a new type of international relations established in the China-Russia Agreement on Good Relations and Friendly Cooperation and the concept of lasting friendship reflects a major breakthrough in the history of international relations and its strong vitality and exemplary influence. The current international situation continues to unfold.

As the coming year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the agreement, he suggested that both sides take the anniversary as an opportunity to expand and deepen bilateral cooperation in a broader context.

China has said it is actively developing a new development paradigm that will provide more comprehensive development opportunities for cooperation between China and Russia, and promotes reforms and openness at an early stage.

Both sides need to work on the synergy of their development strategies and integrate new forms and new engines of cooperation, to move forward with the Sea-Russia Science and Technology Innovation Annual Plan and for exchange and cooperation, G said. In order to better promote the high quality economic growth of the two countries, all aspects between their scientific and technological communities and industrial sectors are promoted.

Xi stressed that China-Russia relations have strong endogenous power and independent value, which will not be affected by changes in the international arena or any other factors.

By strengthening strategic cooperation, China and Russia can effectively resist any attempt to suppress and divide the two countries, while at the same time creating a solid shield to protect international equality and justice, he said.

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