Xiao Museum reinforces virtual presence with speeches, movies and drawing courses

Xiao Museum reinforces virtual presence with speeches, movies and drawing courses

After making a “diary of little things”, during the first imprisonment, when all cultural sites were closed in March 2020, the museum restored its online presence to the exhibition with a new show entitled “Daily Dylamos”. The confusion of being and appearing. The portrait on painting, photography and sculpture (1850-1916) opened in the museum in November.

Emilia Ferreira, director of the MNAC, aims to “try to bring action to all ages and all audiences”, with this new phase of closure epidemic Covit-19.

The project contains patented works, including information about Rubik’s “Historios to Pyro”, which features Ciado’s memoirs, the location of the museum, an art vocabulary, readings of the works and the words “What this work says”.

On weekends, there is a special program for children and adults, there are two drawing courses.

The children’s course began on Saturday and is led by Nelson Ferreira, an expert in techniques from the old European masters, namely Flemish oil painting, oil baroque techniques, as well as 19th century educational drawing and painting.

He studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon and continued his studies at the Prince’s Foundation in London.

He was a two-time guest artist at the National Portrait Gallery, during an exhibition of drawings by artists Hans Holbein the Younger and Leonardo da Vinci to teach drawing techniques from the Renaissance.

In Portugal, he taught courses on ancient Flemish painting to other institutions, such as the Museum of Ancient Art, the Autonomous University of Lisbon and the Monument Gallery, and coached artists at Walt Disney and taught drawing and painting to teams. United States and United Kingdom.

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Starting January 31, he will begin a new course in drawing, Antonio Faria, a trainee artist and designer at the Institute of Arts and Design and Institute (IADE), was a professor between 1992 and 1998, and co – Art and Visual Communication Center at the Fine Arts.

He won second prize at the Final Arte Olympia (2015) in Tokyo and best prize at the same Final (2019).

In 2019, he presented the “Observatory” at the Cherralves Museum in Porto, and in 2020, the exhibition “O Desenho.

Both courses take place at 11:00 am, live via the Zoom platform, and are free to the public with the support of the Millennium PCB Foundation, and will be maintained in prison for several weeks.

Children attending Nelson Ferreira’s drawing course, who wish to visit the museum, will be able to resume their work when they reopen, with free admission for themselves and their families for a period of two months after incarceration.

On January 29, at 16:00, through the Digital Zoom platform, the cycle of conversations around the portrait will begin, still under the guise of the “Flood, Dilemma de ser e Fraser” exhibition, which will continue every Friday, while free of charge until April 16, the director of the museum said. .

Throughout the prison, the Facebook page of the National Museum of Contemporary Art will share films, interviews and testimonies of the artists.

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