Xiaomi Mi 11’s RAM reaches speeds of up to 6400Mbps – 116% faster!

Memória RAM do Xiaomi Mi 11  chega a velocidades até 6400Mbps - 116% mais rápida!

Earlier today, December 23, the Siomi It has been officially revealed that its future top-of-the-line smartphone, the Mi11, will have a significant improvement in memory speed. With RAM LPDTR5, The device promises to deliver Speed ​​up to 6400 Mbps (Megabits per second).

In a new post on the Chinese social network வெய்போ, The company shared the promotional image with a graphic comparing several generations of memory. This demonstrates an increase in memory speed from previous generations and from one another RAM The LPDTR5 is found in other smartphones of the current generation. The Siomi Pointed out that the new memory RAM There will be LPDTR5 implemented in the Mi11 series 116 percent faster compared to the last generation.

Look at the picture below:

To fully understand the benefits of this announcement, let’s move on to the basic explanation of the concepts described so far. The job of RAM memory is, in a quick way, to store the information processed by the CPU. In general knowledge, The more RAM, the higher the device’s data processing capacity.


Xiaomi India has announced the announcement date of the global version of the smartphone

Inside the RAM are chips that temporarily store data, each marked as an “address”. When a program needs this information, the cell processor will, for example, specify which address to read in RAM memory.

A Memory speed, In turn, indicates Data transfer capability. Larger, faster information can be stored and retrieved.

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Xiaomi plans to launch the Mi11 in a few days December 28. Confirmed specifications include another processor Snapdragon 888We also heard about the 6.67-inch AMOLED QHD + screen, 120 Hz refresh rate, triple camera configuration with 108MP main sensor and 4,780 mAh battery with 50 W fast charging support.

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