Xiaomi Mi11 is split in the video. Know your secrets!

Xiaomi Mi11 is split in the video.  Know your secrets!

Xiaomi has released a video showing the removal of its latest Mi11 range, which focuses not only on its key specifications, but mainly on the details placed in its construction. The device also proves to be very organized from the inside, which helps in repair.

It should be noted that the video is made by the brand, so it is natural that everything is presented in the best light. Despite this, there are some things to hide when leaving the smartphone naked.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is easy to repair

The Xiaomi Mi 11 uses a modular design where each component can be easily separated from the others, which will undoubtedly make life easier for those who need to work inside.

One of the elements that needs to be replaced is the battery, and it is clear that it can be easily removed and replaced. The amount of glue to hold it is reduced, which technicians will adjust.

The screen is one of the most vulnerable and crash points, which does not seem equally difficult to replace considering it is very curved.

The Xiaomi Mi11 has also passed the life test

We released the news yesterday about the severe test of resistance that the Chinese brand’s latest flagship has been subjected to, which has made a difference at the hands of popular YouTuber Jerry Rick Everythinging.

These devices were very resistant to scratches on the back and windshield and were able to withstand even a good time under a lighter heat.

In the torque test, the Mi 11 showed all its build quality, refusing to deliver overpowering power over a few brands.

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