Xiaomi offers repair of damaged Mi A3 with Android 11 update

Xiaomi offers repair of damaged Mi A3 with Android 11 update

The Xiaomi Mi A3, the latest model in the brand’s Android One line, has never had an easier life with updates. With the advent of Android 11 in the smartphone, new setbacks have emerged, making the devices unusable.

Faced with widespread dissatisfaction, Siomi had already offered to resolve the issue. In the note sent for publication KismosinaThe company says that it is coming forward to repair the Xiaomi Mi A3 which was damaged due to the update to Android 11.

Is the Xiaomi Mi A3 damaged by the update to Android 11? Siomi Announcements!

Many users around the world have seen their Xiaomi Mi A3 crash since installing the update for Android 11, and since users do not have to complain about what happened, Xiaomi is ready to fix the issue related costs.

Injured users are asked to go to the official Xiaomi services to repair their Mi A3. It does not matter how long you have kept the equipment, as even the non-warranty specifications are covered.

There is a date to write this article, I do not know how this free repair can work in Portugal. This topic deserves our utmost attention and we will provide you with relevant information as soon as it is available.

Android 11 converts Xiaomi Mi A3 to “Paperweight”

With the update to Android 11 on the Xiaomi Mi A3, a new issue is haunting this milestone. Reports of the inability of models of this device are increasing alarmingly.

Without a known explanation for the cause, is known after installation firmware Released, Xiaomi Mi A3 “Dice”. Once the equipment is restarted, it will no longer work and all users will be frustrated with what happened.

In the face of widespread reports, Xiaomi has chosen to cancel the distribution of this update, as it has already done on other occasions. It is not yet known when the new one will be firmware, Get rid of issues and get back to users.

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