Xiaomi releases the Redmi Note 9D release date, but later deletes it

Xiaomi releases the Redmi Note 9D release date, but later deletes it


Increased opposition to Goa and tensions between PD and PSOL have led to the new S.P.

Sவோo Paulo, SP (FOLPRESS) – The organization of the Sவோo Paulo City Council, which took office on January 1, is expected to offer Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDP) additional work in approving the plans, already facing tensions among left-wing parties. . In the first session of 2021, the tension between PT and PSOL was widespread, with 14 of the 55 councilors. The two parties were together in the second round of the mayoral election, defeating Guilherme Paul from the PSOL to the BJP. Supported, but the election dispute for mayor, won by Milton Light (DEM), showed that both parties will not always act en block. When the PSOL chose to launch its own candidacy, for the first time Trans Alder Woman swayed with Erica Hilton, but entered into an agreement to give Leight its eight votes in exchange for a seat on the board, which manages and controls the chamber. Therefore, the agenda and the creation of positions and processes against councilors. With this deal, Juliana Cardoso (PD) was elected First Secretary, with Light gaining 49 votes. PSOL has unleashed divisions towards PD. Louna Alves, the party leader in the chamber, went on social media and said, “You don’t sell for positions.” Bedistas, on the other hand, was able to consolidate ownership by opting for a “five-minute focus” by leaving a vacancy on the PSOL-owned board of directors due to the proportion of the bench. The vacancy was with Fernando Holiday (Patriotta). “It was a policy of isolating itself, of speaking out of parliament. You say one day, it has a 24-hour reaction, and it continues year after year. And you have a year to play with a force to be reckoned with,” says former mayor Antonio Donado (P.T. ), Maintains his presence on the board of directors. In addition, he points to differences in the party’s position, with Belimil (PA) backing Zika Brio (MDP) for the presidency of the Chamber, and applying the principle of proportion. Donado says the PD’s focus is on opposition to Goa, and that having a seat in the council helps, and he hopes the PSOL members will mature in this regard. “We are not going to take the position of creating an identity by getting a score. It is important to have a team leader, to influence the agenda.” He says group leaders can not only set the agenda, but also call public hearings. “Of course, in most cases, the parties will have the most important similarities in programs such as health and education, which will be in conjunction with the PSOL PD, but that will not always be the case. In the mayor’s vote, there is no way,” says Luvana Alves. “We approached the PD to talk about the possibility of a progressive, left-wing alliance, which was a real opposition to Chamber Duck. Unfortunately, the PD did not agree because it was a one-time mistake for us to estimate that a deal with Milton Light should be concluded. Since there were eight votes, they would have a seat at the table anyway [número de vereadores do partido]”He concludes. Alves says the PSOL should expect independence because the party has a plan so that Sao Paulo is more just and gives more rights to the majority of the people,” he says. Trying to guarantee the project is more important than the positions “Despite the difference between the two left acronyms, the Kovas administration will have a very difficult situation in this legislature. New names: The Patriotic MPL (Movimondo Brazil Livere) tripled the bench, which previously only had a Fernando holiday and grew with the arrival of Rubinho Nunes and Marlon from Uber. MPs, Janana Lima and Chris Monteiro, will lose the Goa vote and the PSL’s Rinaldi Digilio, the mayor’s plans to meet with more than 20 lawmakers. To make matters worse, the PSDB dropped from 12 to 8 seats by the end of 2020 in relation to the chamber system. Mayor Milton Leid must believe in the influence of the council. The leader of the DEM is known for his “tractor” style in approving projects, and has a good relationship even with some of the names of the opposition, as voted for by the president. Asked about the increase in opposition, Lead reduced the consequences for the Kovas base. “In an assembly at the level of the city council of Sவோo Paulo, it is natural and healthy for the opposition to grow. The Bruno Gov கோs government platform will respect all important plans for S சாo Paulo. I hope there will be no opposition to anything important to the people.” With the arrival of influencers and celebrities. For example, Tammy Miranda (PL), one of the two trans people elected to the congregation, has more than 3 million followers on Instagram. YouTube Philip Bakery (PSD) of Civil Police and Animal Action elected with 98,717 votes is another voice influencing the virtual environment. On Instagram, he has more than 1 million followers. Representative Palambo, also known as the Bullet Bullet Bench, is another councilor with high vision. The renewal rate for councilors is 38%. As a result, the soldiers lost their command. Among them are Toninho Paiva (PL), 78, and former mayor, Police Neto (BSD). This year the Chamber will have an innovation: two collective terms, known as a councilor’s candidate, but a group that makes joint decisions. The configuration is not legal and is based on a hole: a person accepts as a councilor, but does not make decisions alone. The other “cowards” are appointed as advisers to the cabinet, and they decide together how the vote will be. The two Commandments, Pangada Feminista and Guilombo Periferico (both PSOL), have transgender people in their alliances. Besides them, two other transgender people took office, which is an unprecedented fact at home: Councilman Erica Hilton and Councilor Tammy Miranda. With them, and in defiance of joint orders, the Chamber consisted of 43 men and 11 women.

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