Yara Shahidi Plays Tinkerbell In Disney’s’Peter Pan’ Movie-Deadline

Yara Shahidi Plays Tinkerbell In Disney's'Peter Pan' Movie-Deadline

unique: Disney We continue to make progress in diversifying our classic characters, and sources are coming to Deadline. adult star Yarra Shahidi Set up to play Tinkerbell. David Laurie‘s Peter Pan and Wendy. This is the first record of a colored species to play a role traditionally characterized by a white actress and follow in later footsteps. Disney set Harley Bailey to play Ariel. on The Little Mermaid.

Shahidi joined Jude Law. Who will play Captain Hook, And there are also Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson who will play the title characters. Lowery oversaw the project and co-authored the script with Toby Halbrooks. It is being produced by Jim Whitaker.

Sources say this release is expected to be a play, not the Disney+ streaming route.

Disney’s 1953 animated classic is still the most successful adaptation of the JM Barry novel. He tells the story of Peter Pan, a boy who will never age, and children who have left for the magical world of Neverland. Many other studios, including Steven Spielberg, have made their own versions on screens big and small. hook Starring Robin Williams and Joe Wright Pan, Both were disappointed at the box office.

In novels and movies, Tinker Bell is a fairy and Pan’s best friend and is known for playing Julia Roberts in Spielberg’s adaptation. In recent years, Disney is open to all actors who initially took on roles confined to white talent after setting Bailey to play the mermaid Ariel. Along with Tinker Bell, the studio and Lowery wanted to do the same thing from the start, and for some time they quickly tracked down the rising star Shahidi.

Shahidi played a breakout role in the ABC sitcom. blackish As Zoey, daughter of Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. Her character was so fan favorite that she received a series of spin-offs. growth, It records Zoey’s college days. Following the show’s success, ABC Studios recently Sign her the whole deal.

On the movie side, she recently starred in YA adaptations. The sun is also a star Opposite Charles Melton.

She is represented by CAA, Chief Entertainment LA, and attorney Ryan Nord.

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