Yellowstone volcano: ‘Greatest catastrophe’ warning identified as ‘rising magma sign’ | Science | News

Yellowstone volcano: 'Greatest catastrophe' warning identified as 'rising magma sign' |  Science |  News

Caldera inside Yellowstone National Park is called a supervolcano because it has the potential to cause an unspoken global catastrophe in the event of a supernova. It formed during the last three major events in the last 2.1 million years, and the most recent lava creek eruption occurred about 630,000 years ago. This area, located under the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, is constantly monitored by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) for signs that history may repeat itself.

Science writer Brian Walsh explored that possibility in detailing a section promoting the recently published book ‘End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World’.

He wrote: “The Yellowstone eruption is something that mankind has never experienced.

“At first there will be increasingly severe earthquakes, a sign that the magma beneath Yellowstone is rushing towards the surface.

“Then the magma will explode on the ground in a titanic eruption, expelling the toxic interior of the earth into the air.

“It will continue for days, burying the Yellowstone in a 40-mile radius volcano.”

“The catastrophe around Yellowstone will be a start,” Mr Walsh said, adding that “too soon large areas of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah will be buried in three feet of toxic volcanic ash.”

He added: “Depending on the weather, most of the Midwest will receive a few inches, and this area will be plunged into darkness.

“Even the beaches where the majority of Americans live – a dust trigger when the gray cloud spreads.

“Crops will be destroyed and grazing land will be polluted.

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“Electrical connections and power transformers will be damaged, which will knock out most of the phase.”

According to Mr Walsh, a toxic cloud can block sunlight and “global warming” for many years, so the effects could be felt “globally in the event of an eruption in the summer”.

He added: “Rainfall will be drastically reduced. This may be enough to destroy tropical rainforests.

“Starting in the Midwest, agriculture is likely to decline.

Citing a team of researchers from a 2015 European Science Foundation report, Mr Walsh acknowledged that a miracle in Yellowstone was “the greatest catastrophe since the dawn of civilization.”

But there is no need to be afraid.

Government agency experts estimate that one in 730,000 people will explode in any given year.

A recent study also suggests that the hotspot may be currently in a state of decline.

The discovery was based on an analysis of tens of thousands of kilometers of scattered volcanic deposits in the region.

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