You can now register to test Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR.

You can now register to test Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR.

new Microsoft Flight Simulator It is an immersive beast of PC games. You can imagine how immersive you can be in VR. Microsoft doesn’t have to imagine much longer. I just opened the subscription. (pass Euro gamer) For a closed beta of virtual reality experience.

If you still want to be considered, there are some requirements. You’ll need to own the game, have a Windows Mixed Reality headset, become a registered Microsoft Flight Simulator “Insider” and sign the NDA, as well as a PC that’s a bit more augmented than the base game with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. It supports 8GB VRAM and 16GB system memory.

Also prove your PC is eligible by submitting DxDiag (press the Windows Start button, type “dxdiag”, then press Enter) to make sure your PC checks its specs and that your system is not vulnerable to BSOD or other major systems You should. error.

(The DxDiag file is basically just an inventory of the system, it also lists recent application crashes.)

Interestingly, it seems that you don’t need a specific headset, the HP Reverb G2. Microsoft originally said You will get your first dip into the game. All Windows Mixed Reality headsets will definitely get started. This will be neat for those who have received huge discounts on items like Lenovo Explorer and Samsung Odyssey over the years.

The company doesn’t say when the closed beta will start, but it won’t be that long since it previously promised a free VR update this fall. If you have an Oculus, HTC, or other VR headset, there will be a second, closed beta for other devices.

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It’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to be cautious about VR launches, as games tended to eat powerful gaming PCs for lunch at first. Even the Nvidia RTX 3080 wasn’t enough to run in full bore., Partly because you haven’t paired it with a fast enough CPU. That said, the frame rate has improved slightly in the latest update, so VR won’t increase significantly this vacation. And maybe it will give you more time Find the flying stick.

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