You need to ask Rui Costa who you are referring to

You need to ask Rui Costa who you are referring to

The vice president of Benfica sent a message to the dressing room in the middle of the week that this Friday, V. After the relationship with Guimares (0-0), Jono de Deus was questioned about the manager’s words.

Jono de Duos was asked about the words of Rui Costa in the middle of the week for PTV, about the very negative moment when the Benfica team goes to the championship, this Friday, with a new chapter (0-0) home team against Vitoria de Guimares.

“I have a question for you: If we had won this game 4-0 or 5-0, it would have been even possible. Do you ask me these kinds of questions?” At a press conference, George Jesus continued:

“You have to ask Rui Costa who he is referring to. Not me. I believe the team worked, fought and proved today that they want to win. They deserve to win. We have not always achieved our goals, unfortunately we are not here today. Now, the players in this game Is there no commitment? The soldiers were tired and gave everything to win, we failed to finish, “said Jono de Deus, who left a small note about improving the health of Jesus.

“I already felt him with that strength, that immense flame he had to change this cycle he was going through,” he concluded.

It should be noted that on Tuesday, Rui Costa gave an interview to PTI about Benfica’s moment. “We know whether we’re in front or not. Until then no one will send the piece to the ground. Said the Eagles vice president.

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