“You”: To Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Edu Montero creates his first solo soundtrack – Showbiz

"You": To Celebrate Valentine's Day, Edu Montero creates his first solo soundtrack - Showbiz

“You” is the first single from Edu Montero’s solo project. “There came a time when I had sessions with artists, I no longer enjoyed myself, I was not having fun, I knew something was wrong. I used isolation last year to reflect why I feel this way,” he explains.

“I would say 99% autobiography because the first sentence is completely fictional. The song begins: ‘Hey old friend, met a young woman on 5th Avenue’. Fifth Avenue is a major avenue in New York. This phrase was nice and rhymed. I decided to put it on. The rest of the theme is absolutely true. I wrote this song on January 13 last year, which is my girlfriend’s birthday. She used to work in Dubai, so I longed it was a birthday present. “

“You” is the musician’s first EP’s first solo song. “There may be seven or eight themes, I’m still deciding. One good thing about being a producer (or not) is constantly looking for the right sound. But that search is always in vain because that perfect sound will never be the same.” Some themes in this EP are closer than I intended, others are still far away, but I don’t care about that. The process of evolution of an artist is something I have always admired. Day 1 “, he says.

Single is available on all digital platforms.

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