Your Movement, PS5: Microsoft’s Xbox Movement What Sony Can Do

Your Movement, PS5: Microsoft's Xbox Movement What Sony Can Do

It was a long game of price war chicken, but it’s finally over.

Microsoft jumped first, and now we know how much it will cost for the next generation of console games. Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X It officially starts at $299 on November 10th., The company announced this week. After 15 months Details about the next generation of Xbox dribble and sordid.

The $299 Xbox Series S is truly feeling The next-generation, Xbox Series X is only a third and less than half of the raw GPU performance of $499 PlayStation 5. (All are based on the same AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture.)

But the biggest question is a little more immediate. What will the PlayStation do? It’s time to figure it out.

There must be a reason why Sony and Microsoft have led us for over a year. (Sony checked out the PlayStation 5 in October 2019. If you remember). Perhaps they started this fight because they didn’t want both companies to disclose their prices first and give the other a chance to take advantage. If it’s too high, your competitors can weaken you. It’s too low, leaving money on the table or selling products at a loss. When Sony revealed it undercut $100 on Xbox One with PS4 in 2013 Immediately, it started to look like Sony had been in a coup..

However, there is no reason for Sony to hesitate that Microsoft has reached out. The question is how low should the Sony be and how low should it be? Be in good condition As strong as the PS4 and the Xbox as weak as it used to be, $299 is an amazing starting price that you can’t meet or beat.

Let’s look at $299 from the perspective. Historically, the “next-gen console” hasn’t been just $299 since the Xbox 360. “Core” version I omitted the hard drive to reach that price. Otherwise, it hasn’t happened since the original Xbox and PS2 removed it at the start of the millennium., and together Kotaku Point out Even then, in reality, this is not the case. Adjusted for inflation, these consoles cost around $450 each. Nintendo’s Switch, Wii U, Wii, GameCube, and N64 keep inflation tidy, costing about $300 each for modern money, but they haven’t competed for technical performance since the 2001 GameCube.

($299 is so low that you can’t build a gaming PC for the same price. All you need is a 512GB NVMe solid state drive from the Xbox Series S, and you’ll eat a sixth of your budget. Mid-range graphics cards of 2017 It’s still over $140.)

Meanwhile, questions have already been raised about Sony’s ability to sell the PS5 for less than $500 (less than $300). February yet again April, Bloomberg Gaming industry journalist Takashi Mochizuki has forced Sony to consider a higher price at launch than the PS4 or PS4 Pro due to parts shortages and rising memory prices, and according to one estimate, it costs $450 for Sony to build a new console. Suggested that.

And Sony clearly 50% increase in PS5 production (Up to 10 million consoles until March 2021), Sony is still signaling that supply will be limited. – now apply on Wait in line just chance on Pre-order PS5, a process that still sounds stupid after two weeks.

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But before we think the PS5 is price-competitive with Xbox, let’s consider the advantages of Sony. and Models with disk drives will be more powerful than the $300 Xbox Series S. Sony’s latest exclusive hit record (like Spiderman and Horizon Zero Dawn, Both have the PS5 sequel. How Sony Makes the Next Generation Case Next Generation Exclusive Game; In comparison, how weak Microsoft’s own lineup is.

I left Microsoft’s big Xbox game showcase on July 23rd and thought I had no reason to buy an Xbox. Not at all, because All core games also apply to Windows PCs.. Some also apply to the original Xbox One. Most can be played through Microsoft’s xCloud cloud game service. Via Android phone; And some of the biggest Xbox games It can be used up to 2 years after release.. Microsoft’s theoretical killer app, Halo Infinite, already Postponed until 2021 and Got a new project lead After some fans criticized the graphics.

Sony can claim that they have the game they want, and they can also claim that the Xbox Series S isn’t the “real” next-generation console.

Besides Bloomberg Reported on PS5 pricing issues, but Sony hasn’t said it will ship yet. two I am using the console this year-end and New Year holidays. Sony’s “PlayStation 5 Digital Edition” It will provide the company with serious price leverage.

As far as we can tell, the only difference between the two PS5 is removing the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. “The PS5 gameplay experience will be the same,” says Sony. A disk drive is not required. Cheap part. When Microsoft introduced similar drives on the $299 Xbox One S in 2016 Research Firm IHS Estimation That drive cost me 33.50 dollars. When Microsoft removed the drive Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Three years later, it completely cut $50 off the console price.

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Exploded view of the Xbox Series S.
Image: Microsoft

Sony’s savings aren’t just about parts. Sony doesn’t have to pay for Blu-ray and DVD licenses. It can cost 8 dollars All by itself per console. Anyone who buys the PS5 Digital Edition will give Sony a bigger cut of each game as it is sold through the PlayStation Store rather than Amazon, Target, GameStop, etc. Digital games can’t be resold either, so more buyers have to buy new games for a higher price. Even those who prefer discs can find fewer used discs on the market as digital buyers do not have to return them to their local GameStop.

Considering all of this, it may be easier for Sony to decide to sell the PS5 digital edition at a loss (or break-even point). Razor blade business model It works better than before. Of course, I assume people are buying PS5.

Imagine for a moment that Sony is pricing the PS5 Digital Edition at $400 and the disk-mounted version at $500, the same as Microsoft is asking for the Xbox Series X. If the PS5 is more desirable due to limited supply, it’s probably $550. Anyway, early adopter. Sony (and Journalist) Comparing Microsoft’s $300 Xbox Series S and $400 PS5 Digital Edition, it brings to life how ugly cross-platform, cross-generation games. like Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Look at the specific Xbox.

Imagine that the heck Sony is leveraging the black box nature of a ridiculous, invitation-only PS5 pre-order queue to help gamers profits regardless of the console version, while other systems are only available to a handful of carefully selected ones.

Isn’t it too difficult to imagine? Microsoft You can think of a bigger picture than a console right now.If, some are cheaper than the PS5, they absolutely choose the Xbox Series S. They probably wouldn’t be wrong to do so. It sounds like it can be a phenomenal game box for money. But overall, this console competition will be lost to Sony. We are just waiting for Sony’s choice. Microsoft “$599” This time.

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