YouTube for Android now supports 4K with or without HDR

YouTube for Android now supports 4K with or without HDR

Google is finally bringing YouTube to YouTube with 4K support for everyone with or without HDR.

In September 2017, Google revealed it YouTube for Android can only play HDR videos at maximum 4K resolution (2160p).

Interested Removed 4K resolution on YouTube Android app, Something very unexplained at the time.

4K is possible with HDR on YouTube for Android

The YouTube app for Android brings the ability to watch videos at a maximum of 4K resolution, in addition to being able to watch video with or without HDR enabled.

In the past, the limit for videos was 1080p with HDR, but now the maximum quality you can enjoy is 4K.

Not many Android devices fully enjoy the novelty of not having a 4K standard screen, but devices like the new Galaxy S21 Ultra The 1440p quality can be abused.

The best thing is that everyone has the opportunity to choose the 4K standard for YouTube videos on Android, regardless of your device’s screen resolution.

When choosing 4K quality on a device with low resolution, there are more advantages to videos that are cleaner and more limited than videos created for your screen’s own resolution, but we have higher data consumption.

YouTube for Android has 4K resolution with or without HDR

As we said, another great feature is that in addition to 4K resolution, YouTube for Android also supports HDR at the same resolution, which allows you to further enjoy the screen of your device with this feature.

Innovation is very easy to use, start watching 4K resolution or higher video with or without HDR, press three dots, select “Quality” and select “2160b” with 4K resolution, of course for HDR only function on screens with this feature Will be implemented.


YouTube for Android now allows you to enjoy 4K resolution on all devices, with or without HDR, regardless of your device.

To use the novelty, keep the current version YouTube for Android, Watching video with 4K resolution or higher, with or without HDR, high speed internet because high resolution uses more data.

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