YouTube Tests feature to create and share video clips

YouTube Tests feature to create and share video clips

O YouTube Announced This Friday (29) it starts testing a new tool called “Clips”. This allows users to create “clippings” of funny or interesting parts of a video that is 5 to 60 seconds long and share it with their friends and followers.

To create a clip a user has to click the scissors icon under the video. Define a topic as the starting and ending point. Each clip has its own URL and runs in a circle on the same page as the original video. The video below explains how the clips work in detail.


Initially the clips contained content from a small group of creators, including the YouTube web interface and the Android app, and they will be coming “soon” iOS version.

According to Salahodin, product manager of YouTube Gaming, the clips were created at the request of streamers who broadcast several hours of games and matches on their channels. Although not published on YouTube, the clips are already on other sites Traction.

In a letter Recently released YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that increasing creators’ revenue is the main goal for 2021 this year, and that clips could be part of a strategy for this: Creators know that a clip that goes viral will attract new viewers quickly to the channel.

Recalling the 2020 results, the executive says the number of daily live streams has increased by 45%. The first half million channels generated live streams by 2020, and they accounted for more than 10 million live streams on the platform. He cites both George and Matthias as a successful example, as they broadcast a show live from their garage more than 40 million times.

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