YouTube Vanced – A Lightweight, Fully Functional YouTube Client For Android

YouTube is a Google product and one of the biggest video platforms. There are more than 5 billions downloads on Google Play. However, there are many third-party clients which can let you do beyond what the official app allows. Such a client is YouTube Vanced. This is a fully functional third-party Android YouTube client. It has all the features of the official YouTube app, including support for content such as subscriptions and playlists.

No need for Google Play Services

Privacy-conscious people generally complain that most Google applications and products require Google Play services. As we all know, Google Play services require access to almost all data on the phone, including access to the microphone and camera. Fortunately, YouTube Vanced does not require Google Play services.

YouTube Vanced function

The good thing about YouTube Vanced is that it does not require Google Play services, but it allows you to access all the features provided by the official YouTube application, such as:

  • Support higher resolutions, such as 2K and even 4K (depending on your phone
  • and the quality of the video)
  • Recommended videos for playing next.
  • Increase or decrease the speed of the video.
  • Import subscriptions from the official YouTube app by logining in your account.
  • Support playlists and bookmarks.

In addition, YouTube Vanced also performs many functions which are not available in the official YouTube application, such as:

Pop-up player – The YouTube app has a picture-in-picture mode, but it is only available in certain countries. Fortunately, YouTube Vanced provides this feature with no restriction.

Play in the background (even when the screen is off) – Again, only YouTube Premium subscribers can do this. However, with YouTube Vanced, you can play videos in the background, while using any other application or when your phone is locked.

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Download videos, or even only audio – In fact, YouTube does not allow this at all. However, YouTube Vanced allows you to save video and even audio to the device, so you can watch or listen to it while offline.

Choose the specific file type you want to stream-not only can you choose the resolution of the video to watch, you can also choose a specific file type (depending on whether the video is available in that file type). Some file types can be transferred better than others, so having this option is good.


YouTube Vanced is an excellent third-party application that allows you to do much more than the official YouTube application. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, even if you are satisfied with the official app, you should still take it a try.

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