The Zambian government has finally issued out a ten years approval for Zambian Lotto to operate across the whole of Zambia. In June 2007, Lotto Zambia was officially incorporated and begin proper operations on the 22nd of August 2008. The International Lotteries Operators also partnered with the Zambian government to take the nation’s lottery to another level.

Using processes and procedures that assure very high international standards of transparency and integrity is the logic guiding the philosophy of Lotto Zambia. This philosophy is designed to guide ten people of Zambia. The Zambia lotto has built an online retail network that offers better chances of winning a game – including Zambian football.


Presently, Lotto Zambia has over 400 vending workstations scattered across different parts of Zambia. The Lotto Zambia uses GPRS to pass information between the central server and the workstations. Anyplace where the workstation is not found, Zambian Lotto will put a coupon-based retail network where players can bet with slips. All the information you need on the Zambia Lotto (draw results, winner ads, promo, and jackpot) can be found in the retail network.


Every player needs to choose a total of 6 numbers from a selection of 42 numbers. Every ticket cost about 5 Kwacha. The jackpot will be called out once a winner(s) emerges. This draw is often displayed 3 times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays – beginning from 09:30 pm.

Playing Zambian Lotto on MTN

Before you can think of playing the Zambian Lotto on MTN, you need to have an account called MTN mobile money. With this account, you can load a minimum of 5 Kwacha. To do this;

  • You need to dial *303# on your mobile call dialer.
  • After this, a lottery menu will display.
  • Pick the option that has the Zambia Lotto and confirm your age.
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You have two options to pick the winning number: First is the Quick Pick feature and the second is the manual selection. For the Quick Pick option, the workstation will automatically generate the random numbers for you. These generated numbers are your lucky numbers. For the manual selection option, you will manually choose your 6 winning numbers by yourself.

Once you are convinced that the selected numbers are your lucky numbers, click on the confirmation button. After that, you will receive two confirmation messages. One from MTN and the other from Zambian Lotto. These messages you’ve received contain the ticket number, draw number, your selection number, date, and any other necessary information.

Zambian Lotto has some restrictions on the type of people who come to play. Only players of 18 years and above are legally permitted to play the Zambian Lotto game.

Ticket Information

Zambian lottery fans can buy a traditional paper ticket to pay for a game in the biggest cities in Zambia. Immediately after you pay for your play slip, a ticket will be issued to you. This ticket displays all the essential information concerning your game participation. The information you will get on your ticket include:

  • The date of purchase
  • The date when the draw will be held
  • The serial number
  • The logo of the Zambian Lotto
  • The numbers you have chosen and the mode you have used to select them
  • The total amount of Kwacha per game and the total for all the plays you have entered.

This ticket is evidence that you have paid to take part in the Zambian Lotto. However, if you don’t sign on the ticket, it means that it does not belong to anyone and any other person is prone to claim the prize from the ticket. But due to advancement in technology, the MTN Zambia mobile app has made things easier for players. They don’t need to think about lost tickets anymore because all they need is on their app.

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During draw results and prizes, the draw machine selects 6 numbers and an extra number. These selected numbers are the numbers used to decide who hits the jackpot. To enhance trust and integrity in the lotto company, members of auditors, the public, and representatives of the government are always invited to supervise the process.

In the Zambian Lotto game, there are five (5) prize categories. These are:

  • Matching 5 correct numbers wins you the third prize which is 5,000 Kwacha.
  • If you match 5 out of the 6 drawn numbers and the bonus number, you win the second prize. If no one wins in this prize category, the prize rolls over to the next draw and the next until it is won.
  • Correctly matching 3 of the drawn numbers wins you 30 Kwacha.
  • If you match all the 6 numbers drawn, you win the jackpot. There can be more than one winner of the jackpot in which case they share equally. In the event no winner is found, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw.
  • Matching 4 correct numbers wins you the fourth prize of 250 Kwacha.

The two factors that are usually used to determine the amount of the jackpot and the second prizes are the number of participants and the total amount paid out.


Once you win the game, you start claiming your prize. For you to successfully have a total claim to your prize, you must have a validated ticket that contains the bar code.

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The winners who came out in the fourth and fifth categories can go directly to any retailers around their environs while those who came out in the third category can get their prizes from selected retailers or a head office.

Winners of the lottery ticket who emerged the second position are paid directly from the head office. Every winner only has less than 60 days from the date they won the jackpot to claim their prizes. Once the 60 days elapse, the money won is returned to the lotto company and Zambian Lotto will have no legal right to give out money to the winner. But you can reclaim your money by going to the right authorities to explain yourself.

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